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Postby woodster on Tue Mar 18, 2008 18:53 pm

hi just wondered how the 'Destiny' compared to the 'Spirit' was on spirit way back in dec 2003 and was UNFORGETTABLE in all the right ways!! not cruised since but now booked on 'Destiny' 29/03/2008 read alot of reviews...many excellent and a good few terrible!! can someone put my mind at rest....honest reviews only please! lol thanks
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Postby HW John on Tue Mar 18, 2008 21:20 pm

The destiny is a lot bigger and noisier than the spirit. After doing them both and comparing them with 30+ do the spirit with no questions asked.
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Postby woodster on Wed Mar 19, 2008 17:29 pm

so what do you mean by 'noisier' john? i have read a few reviews about the engine noise in certain areas of 'Destiny' is that what you mean?
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Postby wineo on Sat Mar 29, 2008 14:03 pm

Hi John
I am abit worried of what you said about the noise on the Destiny. We are going in May, this is will be our first cruise and have got an outside cabin 2/3 I am a very light sleeper, should we upgrade?
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Postby HW John on Sat Mar 29, 2008 16:30 pm

Id see how you go as sometimes it isnt as bad in parts. You do get used to the noises anyway after time.
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Postby completeperson on Fri May 23, 2008 12:50 pm

Great piece

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Sorry had to delete your web address classed as advertising. however will pass on information should any one ask. Nice picture though
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Postby A Kane on Sun Jul 20, 2008 13:37 pm

My partner fancies a cruise maybe beginning around the first week in September 08 but I am still undecided. As we have never been on a cruise or know where to start when it comes to picking the right one, I was wondering if we gave some of the posters with more experience info on us maybe some people could offer suggestions.

We would consider a week or two weeks but our budget would be around £1000 each and we are in Scotland.

Considering ANY options as seeing that the Euro is not so great might be worthwhile further afield in the value for money stakes whether that be America/Caribbean or the Far East. We have recently been to New York, Milan, Rome and Barcelona, Cairo, Sharm and thinking of Boston in December if that helps cut down on places.

I am 43 and she is 38, both young at heart. She is a total sun lover while I am more a shade-finder, sports and culture vulture.
A normal vacation would see her spend a day at the pool while I try and amuse myself with other things then the next day we might do an excursion or do some exploring via the local bus etc. We are both friendly and outgoing and although I do not drink I am quite happy to get up and have a laugh with the rest. I think a mor informal relaxed cruise would suit us but not against the odd night of dressing up.

Any help would be gratefuly appreciated.

A Kane
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Postby florrie on Sat Aug 02, 2008 20:12 pm

I would like to say to Fiona we are just back from a cruise with Royal Carribean on the Jewel of the seas.
I took a disabled person who is a wheel chair user, see my review, it was the most easy holiday I have ever had and the staff were wonderful and extreamly helpfull
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Postby HW tenpin on Sat Aug 02, 2008 20:56 pm

Hiya Alex,

You have not left to much tme for this years September/October cruises most will be very nearly full by now.

However try these for size. all prices are for a inside cabin, but you may get an upgrade to outside.

Independence of the Sea, Royal Caribbean, 14 days out of & back to Southampton. Gibralter, Cannes/Monte Carlo, Florence, Rome, Cagliar, Saville Lisbon, Virgo & home from £1109,
Brilliance of the Sea from Barcelona, Cannes, Pisa, Sicily, Split, Venice Tunis back to Barcellona 12 Days from £799
Check out ( ) for others. Look for Caribbean cruises starting in late Oct early Nov, for some great deals. Royal Caribbean ships are good value at moment.

You also have the less formal NCL Jade 12 night med cruise7th Sept. 12 nights £919 from Barcellona.

Ocean Village easy going cruising 30th Sept from Palma (Tapas & Togas) 7 nights from £569.

Take a look at Gills cruises in Sunday papers or their web-site.


the days of last minute deals are just about over except for really bad cabins.
Cruising is like 'Being in the Garden of Eating'


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Postby roccovellhung on Fri Sep 12, 2008 13:07 pm

Hi, re: the best time for deals - we're thinking about a 1 week cruise around the med (especially Italy) for April / May next year (2009) - probably looking for a balcony since we are travelling with a toddler and are looking for somewhere to have a relaxing vino whilst the little one sleeps :-)

Anyway, when would the best time be to book for the biggest bargains? should we be looking at last minute and if so will there be any issues with getting a balcony?

Any help / info will be greatly appreciated
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