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Postby shivy on Sat Dec 06, 2008 22:40 pm

I have this evening been contacted by Marsha from Imperial Majesty Cruises who said that I had won a competition I had entered into at the Erotica Exhibition last month, which I did and thought at this stage the call was authentic. She went through everything from where I would be staying, the cruise, passes into the universal studios etc. It sounded marvellous and eventually she mentioned a cost of £299.00p per person as she assumed I would be travelling with one other person. I got a little wary at this stage as she asked for my credit card details, which I commenced giving. She then said she was ringing another of her colleagues abroad whereby I had to again pass my details and raise any questions or queries I had whilst she stayed on the line.By this time I became extremely suspicious and hang up while she was transferring me. She tried ringing me back so I eventually answered and told her I was not happy with this, she then used all the sales talk she could in changing my mind but I was quite adamant that I was not going to accept this holiday, obviously she was non to happy. I have tried to contact my Credit Card company but cannot do so until Monday morning. Hopefully due to me not giving my details the second time my account will not be debited but I am going to cancel the card in case the details are used for some other scam. I never give my details out but assumed this was genuine as I did enter the competition.
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Postby LittleDeeDee on Wed Dec 24, 2008 13:04 pm

I received a call from the following number last night: 10019543314121 but decided not to answer as I am wary of strange numbers. Imperial Majestic Cruise left me a voicemail saying I had won a cruise from a competition that I had entered, which I had a couple days ago online.

I was telling my boyfriend about this and was saying that I'll just wait for them to call back and he suggested checking out the net to see if it was a con or not.

Having read the posts I am glad that I did not answer as I tend to get taken in very easily by these special once in a lifetime free offers. Thank you all for posting your experiences to help put a stop to this and I hope those of you who have already paid money will get it back.
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Postby mcmac55 on Thu Jan 08, 2009 04:56 am

I live in a small village just outside Niagara Falls ont. Population approx. 3500. everyone I know in the village, including me got the same call. We have approx7500 employees where I work, everyone you talk to has recieved the same call. Please folks, do the math. between Canada and the UK we're looking at what? somewhere in the region of 90 million people. Even if they only contacted 10% of the households I'm guessing that would be around 1 million households contacted to fill unsold cabins on three cruise ships that at best hold 5000 people. If anyone gets on one of these cruises, could you let the rest of us know exactly how much FREE costs!!! P.S. both my brothers in Scotland and my sister in Hull, England got the same call.
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Postby Kerriemac on Mon Jan 26, 2009 21:49 pm

Well I fell for the great sales pitch that we'd have 18months to save up for the flights, and in a moment of madness I just thought, 'Sod it, we deserve a holiday!'

I logged onto this site to put my mind at rest about a few niggling doubts and got so stressed by all the rumours and assumptions made by people who didnt go ahead with the holiday(!) that I called to cancel our trip. They could not have been nicer at Imperial Majesty and offered to help me with the costs of flights if I was worried about money(as they get a bulk discount) but I was so rattled that I cancelled anyway. The money has been returned to my account with no hassles. For anyone wondering about sending them your cancellation form in the post, it's not necessary, just give them a call after 1.30pm and they'll cancel it over the phone.

While I appreciate that you were all suspicious of a scam (bar several more positive people)I'd urge you to get your facts right before you label an honest company as bogus. Dont we have laws here about slander and liable? Yes I got scared about losing my money but I need not have been. By all means question, but dont scaremonger for the sake of it please.
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Postby jcowley77 on Mon Feb 09, 2009 21:22 pm

I personally feel this thread is full of scare for no apparent reason. I personally know 2 couples who have taken up these vacations and had perfectly fine time...These are value for money....Though there are some added expenses like some taxes, tips etc but still the overall proposition works out quite well.... I have already booked one too. C'mon guys, not everything is true but then, Not everything is scam either...
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Postby kebage on Wed Feb 11, 2009 15:44 pm

Hi every one, I have just been reading some of the comments posted.My wife and
I have booked the 6 days and 5 nights in Orlando, 4 days 3 nights in Fort Lauderdale plus a 2 day cruise. On the occasions when I have telephoned I have been spoken to very politely and treated with courtesy. I have no doubt that this is not a scam??. We do know that it is run by a time share company or as they say vacation holidays. We go on the 21st of April and will post a comment of how it went when we return :)
Keith & Barbara
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Postby tim_wood on Thu Feb 12, 2009 13:48 pm

Let there be some Sanity. I am horrified to see the kind of doubts being raised about the company despite the fact that this company follows a legitimate holiday business model. Just because you were sold something on the phone does not mean that it has to be a scam. I think many of us suspect our own abilities to reasonably distinguish good from bad. Also, there is this burden of the fear that we got sold something over the phone in that one single call and it must be fraud. So many people succeeded at getting their refunds add to it a lot of people planning to go ahead with the holidays but a bunch of us who do not trust their own self, acting as scaremongers and spreading panic.

We had been on one of their packages. As a couple we found it good and worth the money. I can't change the world but I want to encourage guys who are willing to take it up not to get unduly influenced by this suspecting crowd. All the best to you, Kebage. I am sure you are gonna have fun.

Tim Wood
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Postby neaj29 on Thu Feb 12, 2009 20:15 pm

Hmm, now I don't know what to do. I've paid my deposit for the trip to Fort Lauderdale and Orlando and the two day cruise and have received the pack. I've checked flights and they look reasonably priced. I was planning to take my daughter on the trip later in the year as a surprise treat. Having read all the posts here I'm now in two minds whether just to cancel and forget the whole thing (and hopefully get my money back) or focus on the good comments and just go for it!! Concerned mum
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Postby michelle65 on Fri Feb 13, 2009 00:14 am

Hmm...I just got it sorted....I called up some friends in US and they did some checks...I am told that there is absolutely nothing to worry. Looking forward to the trip. It leaves me the task of choosing the dates and the flight etc :-)... No looking back...

I think I made a mistake by visiting this thread in the morning.. Was a bit worried all the day but am fairly relieved now..I am glad I made the right decision, gave myself some time and now I would stick to it...Thanks Tim and Keith. You showed the way...

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Postby rogersim on Sat Feb 14, 2009 23:43 pm

Having seen all the posts, I seem to be getting around the whole story...I am an ex telesales person and I understand this business. I have following points, I could think of, if it helps someone

1. Regarding the winning of a prize draw, I do not read too much in to it as there could be many winners and they are trying to sell something over phone and they get contact details through these competitions. For me, this is nothing new.

2 I have not heard anyone losing their money or the company not extending customer friendly treatment. They are certainly not scammers as some initial posts seem to suggest.

3 I genuinely believe the holiday companies have added pressure in these times due to low turnout of people owing to weak economy so the only way they have is to reach out to newer people.

4 It is not an all expenses paid offer and I need to account for some extra expenses, but all in all it still looks promising. I do not believe, I could afford all the things on the offer for this sum anyhow. I am sure flight costs are going to be more reasonable this year.

I wish to thank everyone on this thread to help me make up my mind.

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