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Postby neaj29 on Sun Feb 15, 2009 11:43 am

Thank you Michelle and Roger for your comments. I'm feeling more reassured and have not yet cancelled (because, like you Roger, I could not afford to take a trip like this without this offer and I would really like to go!).

I have called the customer help line to ask a few questions. I also had concerns that there are no 'terms and conditions, responsibilities and obligations' included in the pack I received yet I am being asked to sign on the booking form that I have read and agreed to them. They are sending me another pack so hopefully they will be included in there.

I would appreciate feedback from anyone who has taken up this offer and done the trip. Thanks.

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Postby amazed1 on Mon Mar 02, 2009 12:38 pm

OK people...yes this is one huge Scam. My mother received a call from these people shorlty after my father had passed away, she wasn't thinking straight and gave them her card details, wanting to treat me for the work had done re my father's estate. Why's it a scam? Because you havent won a holiday and the company are not doing a survey, they are calling you to get your card details to take money from you for a trip with no definate dates and no way of getting to the point of departure to take the trip in the first place. In our case mum used a debit card, initially the issuer refused to help, then i pointed them to google "imperial majesty scam". They agreed this was unacceptable business practice and refunded the money and agreed to take it up with other banks as to whether UK payment systems should prevent this company from using them. No news on that but obv if they are still calling and taking money then that hadnt changed. Its a scam as you can take a fully inclusive cruise with flights for much less with a company who havent pressurised you in to agreeing there and then, who give you the details to browse and consider. Its a scam because they are lying as to why they are calling.

Yes, the company exists and runs cruises and timeshares, but the prices are over inflated and the ship they use is the oldest (and smallest) in the carribean. It is due to be decomissioned (as it DOESNT MEET NEW SAFETY STANDARDS) and has virtually no facilities compared to modern liners. In addition there are large numbers of reports elsewhere of it being dirty, noisy, unstable and of passengers who became very ill during and after their cruises.

So Im sorry to anyone who genuinely DID have a good time, didnt have a problem with arranging flights, found the ship to be fantastic and hasnt a bad word to say against the company, but this blogger found it unacceptable to target a recently widowed lady, to have the phone put down on her 3 times and myself 3 times when trying to cancel, who found the staff rude, arrogant and patronising and who genuinely sees this company for what it is...desperate to get money from people for sub standard holidays most of them will never take...Scammers...too right they are!
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Postby amazed1 on Mon Mar 02, 2009 12:54 pm

Oh, and a search of "Regal Empress"...the wikipedia entry is pretty comprehensive I think...built more than 50 years ago, due to be taken out of service this month??...I think that says it all about this company...selling holidays based on a vessel they dont even have yet...if they get one at all...
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Postby Hawker2902 on Wed Apr 22, 2009 17:50 pm

I feel totally stupid. I must have been at a low ebb on the day they called because I would normally say no thank you immediately. But the sell was really good. I went online straight afterwards and found bad reviews I then tried calling the number left and it didn't exist! I called my credit card company straight away (Barclaycard) they could see the payment waiting but would not do anything and told me to contact the merchant - even though I said I couldn't contact them!!

I received nothing from Imperial Majesty. I contacted Barclaycard again on Section 75 and they eventually said they couldn't help as i had no paperwork - that was the whole point!

I sent a letter to Imperial in February, I know they received it, and have no reply. I called them today and was told I could't get my money back as it was non-refundable, this was not said in the initial call. Plus I didn't tell them I hadn't received the pack which was sent in October - funny that they called me in November!!

I am down by £269.77 plus interest, I am a single mum too. How can I get my CC company to see this is a con and refund my money?
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Postby HelenJane on Sat May 09, 2009 19:20 pm

OK, so i am due to go away on 12th June for 14 nights holiday with these people! I got the call last September 2008, but after asking lots of questions about how i had come to receive the call established it was likely to be because i had already been on a cruise with Carnival Cruise lines or had a talk from Ramada Jarvis timeshare whilst in Florida in 2007. So i believed them and paid my money. True enough i recieved my pack, with vouchers enclosed. Until that point i was a bit concerned!! I then called them in January 2009 to make the actual date bookings. The intial offer was 10 days car hire, 4 night cruise, 2 nights orlando, 3 nights fort lauderdale. We used one of the vouchers for an extra 2 nights in daytona beach, paid an extra 3 nights at fort lauderdale and upgraded our cabin. We had to get our own flights,which was fair enough and in all, what started as a $498 holiday for 10 days for 2 people, ended up costing more like £700 each, however if the holiday does work out, then i think its quite reasonable for a fornight away!

I will update the site, but would love to hear from anyone that has got as far as the holiday???
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Postby thesarasmile on Mon Aug 24, 2009 19:36 pm

I didn't get this exact scam, but I had an offer similar to it. The realization that I had is that usually when things sound too good to be true...they are. I don't talk to any solicitors anymore. If I want a vacation, I will go out and look for a company...especially for one that is registered with the BBB or similar. With my research, I found a business that legitimately offers incredible deals on vacations:
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Postby Ben D on Sun Oct 11, 2009 15:30 pm

Please can anyone HELP? My husband and I have just sat down to book our honeymoon, which happens to be a present from my Mother In Law and we have just noticed this Scam. Has anyone actually been on a Imperial Majesty Cruise? My Mother In Law has parted with a total of £449.00 to this company. With the impression that we would go and have a lovely Honeymoon on her. I am a little unsure on waht and who to believe. Please coudl someone shed a little light on whether this is a scam and that we are not really going away on our Honeymoon??
Ben D
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Postby sheylab on Tue Nov 24, 2009 21:12 pm

I received all my details, as promised approx 1 year ago. I havent yet booked a place as i am constantly on the road as an international entertainer, however i have contacted Imperial majesty staff who were always very polite, helpful and efficient. The last time i spoke to someone was a week ago informing them that i would like an extension also that other friends may be interested. I have since left messages for return calls which i have not yet received.
I really dont know what to think after reading all the negative comments, although there are positive ones too among those. I am a very positive person who wants to think good about everything and everyone but also realistic so i know thats not possible. I can only say that anything that looks too good to be true is not but having said that i cannot believe a country like the US would be so neglegent - there must be rules and regulations protecting the consumer. I would like to think that thse special offers are just to make promotion for a new Company and thats perfectly reasonable. Another catch would probably be upon arrival there would be extra charges for upgrades to better cabbins. I suppose we can just keep guessing until somebody puts us out our misery and JUST GO.....i am a risk taker and my risks have nearly always paid off so this trip is no exception. Aterall we if we all live in a little bubble of paranoia and suspicion you will miss out on some fantastic things in life! If all else fails when and if i finally decide to book a space i will just visit relatives over there.
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Postby Trudy Howson-Paquette on Wed Jul 11, 2012 22:21 pm

My 71 year old mother got scammed bad with three cruise vacation transactions that went through her visa. She recently passed away on June 29th/12 and my father has just learned of this. When I think of the great memories my mom and dad acquired in 14 Florida winters, it's sad that this scam comes from Florida and I hope dad dosen't hold that against the wonderful memories he has. Come on Florida! Get rid of this trash.
Trudy Howson-Paquette
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