Holiday 18/19 year old ideas???

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Postby holidayorganiser on Thu Jan 10, 2008 15:19 pm

Hey! Im currently trying to organise a holiday for sixteen 18-19 year olds around the 2nd last week of august 2008. I was just wonderign if anyone had any ideas of a good place to go? we are not set on a particular destination, altho we would like somwhere warm with a beach/pool that is suitable for a young group (although not ibiza like! as we r not into dance music!!!) any ideas??? anyone visited somewhere that would suit ?? (we would prefer self catering)
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Postby HW John on Thu Jan 10, 2008 16:21 pm

Benidorm, Majorca, Cyprus, Turkey...the list is endless. The majority of places will be warm in august as its the height of summer. It just really depends on what you want to do as a beach and pool is a bit too general as everywhere has that and also the majority of places are for everyone.
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Postby Honey Bunny on Thu Jan 10, 2008 17:38 pm

I would say try Rhodes as it has everything beach, sun , plenty of bars and restaurants .
Also the waterpark in Rhodes is Fantastic, they have 3 Kamikaze Slides
two of them are really scary take a look at if you click on the amp icon on the homepage it will show you the map of the rides and you can click on the dots to see the rides/slides.
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Postby Honey Bunny on Thu Jan 10, 2008 17:40 pm

sorry that should have said the MAP Icon on the homepage!
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Postby *+*Missy J *+* on Thu Jan 10, 2008 22:35 pm

What music are you into ? Do you have budgets in mind ?

We went to Ayia Napa In cyprus , which was wicked , hot weather , lush beaches and excellant nightlife. Friends brother was with us and he wasnt into dance music but luckly they was a rock club there , so we went for a couple in there to make him happy. I think most places esp Popular ones will have different types of bars and clubs , that dont all play dance music.

Also this year Loadsa us between the ages of 19 - 24 guys & girls are going to Olu Deniz in turkey ,been there before . Its not really for the hardcore ibiza party animals but still has a excellent nightlife espically up in Hisaronu which is 10 mins away from olu deniz on the local bus! Olu Deniz is more chilled out bars with one club . The Blue Lagoon is Amazing !! Weather really hott though !

And another plus to Olu Deniz is , we always go B&B as its soo cheap to eat out , and they are so many excellant places to eat! Its cheap prices when your out there too. Worth thinking about. take a look at some of my reviews and piccyssss :D :

good luck with your search keep us posted , Jennn
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Postby holidayorganiser on Fri Jan 11, 2008 16:35 pm

Thanks for the replies! will defintly look into some of them! sorry bout da general beach/pool comment, ideally somewhere thats good for surfing; within walking distance to the beach (as we wnt b able 2 rent cars) and has its own / communal pool. We would be looking to spend around �300, (�400 maximum)
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Postby Staceya on Sun Feb 03, 2008 17:05 pm

Magaluf is great, I went 3 years running from 2003 - 2005, the first time we were all 18. It's still the best place I've been and I loved every minute of it! Fiesta Jungla and Fiesta Sahara are the best hotels to stay in. And there are lots of different bars and clubs with a variety of music R&B, Dance, Indie etc.

I've also been to Malia in Crete, which is good. Mostly R&B music, and also loads of different bars and clubs.

I went to Marmaris in Turkey last year, which we got a week in July for less than �150 and its really cheap when you get there. This year we are off to Sunny beach in Bulgaria, its new in the club 18-30 brochure and the drinks are the cheapest ever out there apparently!

Some other suggestions Ayia Napa (wanetd to go this year but it seems expensive), Zante or Kavos.
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Postby travelmike on Thu Feb 21, 2008 16:55 pm

I would definitely recommend San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua. It's far away and flights are expensive, but when you arrive its dirt cheap, amazing nature, wicked people, and there are very few foreigners. There is good surf nearly the entire year round and its one of those places where you can walk on a beach alone without seeing five hundred drunk people everywhere. AMAZING. If you need more ideas, has a pretty good travel section with loads of young travellers. Good Luck
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Postby DanDan on Tue Feb 26, 2008 18:41 pm

it all depends of what music your into. i would suggest goin to ayia napa thought cause that is a lively place especially for young people
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Postby big H on Tue Feb 26, 2008 20:59 pm

if it`s surfin your into , look no further than Lanzarote - the beach at Costa Teguise is by far the windiest beach i`ve ever come across . 2 years ago when i was there , they had the world wind surfin championships , and bhoy oh bhoy was it windy
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