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Postby millymol on Sat Nov 03, 2007 19:11 pm

Hello all members
any advice or opinions would be appreciated
after months of looking we finally got a good deal and brill flying times to the Apartments bahia pollensa
any members tell me about puerto pollensa is there anything for the children to do outside of the hotel are the bars family friendly is there a waterpark or anything else in the area
also is there a mcdonalds or burger king in puerto is there a indain resturant
the apartments have had some mixed reviews any members stayed there lately
can you get to western water park and the pirates show from puerto pollensa or is it to far away also what is pinewalk
ps any members know any good websites to look into puerto pollensa
thank you for any help
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Postby sallyann on Sat Nov 03, 2007 19:25 pm

Hi, Puerto Pollensa is my favourite place. it is very child friendly. There is a water park in Alcudia that is not too far. Your best option if i am able to put it is www.puertopollensa.com every thing you need to know will be on there including a forum with very helpful members and restaurant reviews ect.

Hope this helps

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Postby millymol on Sat Nov 03, 2007 23:50 pm

oh thank you so much for your help
yes i know that was a still question about mcdonalds or burger i would rather my family eat good fresh food but older lad wanted to know
thank you i will take a look at the website
puerto now sounds lovely
thank you for your help it is much appreciated
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Postby blondchaser on Sun Nov 04, 2007 01:36 am

Youv,e cracked it girlie, P P is really good, but you will have to be prepaired to travel 60-80kms to see the Pirates show which is in Magalluf/Palma Nova. There are coach companies who do a package to this show(transport/entry, inc meal&drinks). I think the company is called No Frills. Details at hotels & TIB. Burger King swill may be purchased on your left, on the prom, 2 streets after you go over the canal. Your Pollensa.com map will show you. Trip to Caves of Drach is also worthwhile, as is drive up mountains.
You don't say when you are going, but if in season, you will get a superb meal at TOTS restaurant, Virgin Del Carmen(pedestrainised part). This runs paralel to prominade, just up from BK. It is probably best value for money in town.
Pine walk is at far end of PP, grossly exagerated in my humble opinion.It is a narrow walk way between houses and the sea. Very pleasant for an after dinner stroll, but I fail to understand why it gets volumes of publicity.
Nearbye quaint places to visit are Alcudia Old town & Pollensa itself. Cala San Vincente,�1 on bus, has excellent beach at Mollins side, and everything to hand.
Two things to be aware of:- 1. Puerto Pollensa can become addictive, I know people that have gone there year after year for 17yrs. Know old couple from Glasgow who go there twice/year. 2. In certain parts of Mallorca there are TOUTS working--scratchcard scam--youv'e won a free holiday. DON'T go near them or you could loose �1000s in a holiday club scam.
I'll eat my hat if you don't have a really good holiday, but no knowledge of Bahia. We rent a squat near the canal, but it's so convenient for everything as we are semi disabled
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Postby millymol on Sun Nov 04, 2007 12:12 pm

Hi thank you for your advice
we are going at the begining of july
about the scam people i feel ashamed to say it but they got us hook line and sinker when we was in alcudia so we are well aware of them i have to say but thank you for pointing them out
i am so glad you think this might be the resort for us you have taken a weight of my shoulders
we wanted to try somewhere new we have been to alcudia before and liked it but been to magaluf and hated it ( sorry all magaluf fans thats only my opinion ) not family holiday type of holiday too noisy in your face
thank you for all your help it is very much appreciated
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Postby blondchaser on Sun Nov 04, 2007 20:57 pm

Hi Millymol, Sorry to hear about your trouble with holiday scam. If you require help in trying to get your money back, then click on to Holiday forums (Timeshare&holiday clubs) on this site. If you were scammed by a company called VWP in Palma, then log on to www. holidayclubtales.co.uk. There is a mass of help on this site.
PS. If walking is your family thing, &you walk in the hills on either side of Pollensa Bay, suggest you take a box of Museli---mountain goats love it!!!
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Postby millymol on Sun Nov 04, 2007 23:41 pm

thank you for advice lucikly the scam did not go that far we was stop in the street on our first trip aboard sratch one of those cards told we had won the star prize of our own villa and all the extras they wanted our bank card details they treated us like royalty took us to a fancy hotel for drinks then got us a fancy horse and cart back to our hotel for our bank cards as we was going to our room seen our rep we told them of our good luck then the rep told us it was a big scam we when outside and told them where to go these touts was not very happy to say the least
it is bad how they do this people who work hard to pay for there holiday and have this done to them
anyway that you for your help
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Postby tikkabree on Wed Jun 11, 2008 18:12 pm

My hubby and I went to puerto pollensa with our two kids 2006 stayed at thomson family hotel at end of pine walk, cant remember name sorry, we had a fab time, if you are looking for great meal not too expensive try "little italy" its on the pine walk next to small bit of beach, we went there few nights and kids played on beach while we ate, definetely go back
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