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Postby HW iaintwoeyes on Sat Jan 19, 2008 00:19 am

Been over to Florida lately?

Did you pick up a great tip from someone?

Share it with the other Holiday Watchdog members here!
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HW iaintwoeyes
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Postby jackieblack on Sun Jan 20, 2008 21:01 pm

Our best tip was this.

On the first morning most people wake up really early, nothing much is open. Before we went we got directions from the internet to the nearest 24hr Wal-Mart and went and bought all our snacks and drinks, sunscreen, also breakfast cereal, milk, bread, fruit etc and went back to our villa and had breakfast and were ready to hit the parks at opening time!

Worked great , will do the same this year.
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Postby bez2 on Wed Jul 30, 2008 09:41 am

Went in April this year, it was my 4th time.
My best tip for the theme parks is to start at the back and work your way to the front. Most people start from the front and then run out of time as you end up in queues as you follow the crowds. If you start at the back the queues are significantly shorter and most times we got on straight away then you are left with enough time to queue at the end of the day.
My father in laws best tip for driving over there is to put a piece of paper with an arrow facing right on your dashboard. It really does help to remember which side you supposed to be on!
We also alternated a hectic theme park day with a relaxing water park or similar day as it is exhausting!
The new water park at Seaworld is really good. not as busy as the disney when we went and nicely spaced out.
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Postby mummy1 on Sun Aug 03, 2008 12:20 pm

P;lanning is the name of the game! Decide what ridesyou ant to go on while there..make sure yu get to that re early, if ts busy gt a fast pass then go tot he next ride..come back in the allottd time and you know you will walk straight through tot he front ith the fast pass.
Have lots of stops in the day, having someng to et.sitting down as it really is a long day.
Delegation is another thing..not everyone wants togo on everything, so if your like me, I drivo typhoon lagoon park up free and then go into typhoon all day with my books and towels and food pack for everyone. The rest of the fmily go off on the buses tot he park and at various times of the day they may appear to be fed and watered. That way i am having the sunbathing holiday i wantand they are having e "child's" holiday they all want..oh they areagred 48 down to 18 byt he way
i cant do the parks due to back problems so am really happy to sit and wtch e world go by.
Weekends we sho as theamericans are in town..well it is their city!!!

hope this of help
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Postby lou76 on Sun Aug 10, 2008 17:44 pm

Hiya Guys,
Looking for a wee bit of advice (well perhaps quite a lot). We are heading to Florida of the 20 of December with our 4 and half year old daughter. We have only booked the flights so far, still need to book accomodation, car hire and tickets for disney and sea world. l am not to sure which parks are best for our wee girl, l just know she will love the two l have mentioned. We want to have a good time but dont have a huge budget. Any info would be fab.

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Postby mummy1 on Sun Aug 10, 2008 19:57 pm

with a oung child i would definately say go for a villa..it is so muh easier than staying in a motel or hotel. You can get up of a moning take your time and take it nice and slow as you will be tired fro a few days after your flight and need to adjust..something you cannot do in a hotel as you will be sick of the room after a few hours! Book your car by gong to alamo or budget websites..they also offer money off vouchers o take advantage of these. Theme PArks for someone so young i would say Disney Magic Kingdom also Universals Land of Suess is a must.
Be warned though it willbe busy at the time of year you are gong so be pepared for long waits and if there is something you wanat to go on..get there early and q or get a fast pass..we wanted to do Soaring at Epcot, got there at 1pm and there was a two hour wait plus al the fast passes had gone so we were a little upset.
You have to plan the day and really decide exactly where you want to go then make sure you have some sort of itinerary as you will need one.
Go onto this forums villa review website and see if you can find a villa of your liking there as only guests who have stayed in the villas listed.
I ama villa owner myself and find that the reviews posted are very valuable as you the guests are giving your honest opinions
Good Luck and I hope you enjoy your holiday..oh and take lots of pics and video recordings as these will last forever where your actual holiday willbe over ever so quickly
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Postby donkey 4 on Wed Oct 01, 2008 12:43 pm

can anyone tell me how much a day ticket to disney is ???
and can you visit all the parks on it ???
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Postby Danny1972 on Mon Oct 20, 2008 21:42 pm

We went to florida for the first time back in 2003, there was 5 of us including a 9 month old, we stayed in the hawthonre suites in lake buena vista, it was a nice place to meet other people and a was very close to down town disney, we had a two week hoilday , then in 2005 we went again but with a addiotional little one, but this time we went for a villa which was just of ronald regan parkway, hired the car, and of we went, this time the stay was three weeks and had a lovely time, then in 2008 we was of again this time stayed in a villa on highway 27, one of the best vacations so far another three week stay but this time didnt want to come home, now we have just booked up for disney in may 2009 for four weeks cant wait!!

tips that work for us
make sure you have good insurance (comes in handy sometimes )
sort out what you want to see (mickey mouse, shamu etc )
Becareful with little ones as height restriction do apply for some of the rides in disney and most in seaworld
best deals we have found for tickets is tickets4fun which we have never had a problem with
Try Sizzlers on the 192 for a good breakfast at a very good price
lobster feast ( yummy)

All in All disney is a magical place and the dreams do come true its great fun whether you are 1 or 90, the floridians are lovely people, But the best thing is to chill relax and enjoy

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Postby young knowlege on Thu Jul 23, 2009 21:19 pm

We went from 27th April 2009-11th May 2009. Best part was as it was term time in the whole two weeks the longest que we encountered was only 40mins long, couldnt believe it.
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Postby hibernian07 on Wed Jul 29, 2009 15:04 pm

stayed i sheriton vistana village, south end of int/drive,
no need for a car,this complex puts on a shuttle to disney parks,the i ride transport takes you to seaworld and aquatica parks inabout 5-10 mins,universial parks 30mins with a 10min walk and wet an wild park 30mins.
if you have purchased the 6 parks flexi ticket plus you will get free transport to beush gdns about a 1 hr trip.
If you take the car you will be charged $12 for parking at each park.
Good eating places that we found were the outback(south end of i.drive)tgi fridays and the ihop,not so good were buffalo bills grill house and dennys,at the premium shopping outlet you get subway,american burger house,chinese and japanese fast food.
Get a iride schedule and you get discount vouchers for the shopping outlets and also resturaunts/bars,you get the schedules on the iride.
Yu shoul get a iride ticket from your hotel for $17 per person that lasts 14 days and use them as many times as you want or $10 for 7 days as its $1.25cents if you pay each time

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