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Postby Findhorn on Mon Nov 12, 2007 11:26 am

Any advice on how to get rid of club la costa points.
Whilst we are always happy with holidays we take with club la costa-
we are continually experiencing hugely rising maintenance costs etc and do not feel we are getting value for money any longer.
We have been approached by all the usual scams- advertising on resale sites etc, and are fed up with almost getting scammed by these un reputable companies.
We have considered approaching Club la costa to see if we can GIVE our points back to them, but after reading comments on this site=-it seems that even that would not work!!
Any Advice/Ideas greatly appreciated.

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Postby wilsonjenny on Tue Nov 13, 2007 15:19 pm

You could try and sell them via the CLC members site

It is not the offical CLC site and has nothing to do with them. It's for members like us only. The forum administrator and owner is or will shortly set up a forum for buying and selling, however there is a section already available for this purpose.

Unfortunately you will not get what you paid for them and it is a pity you feel you have to sell them on. CLC won't be interested in your plight and won't offer to buy them back. Instead as with all purchases of this type, they will hope that you will not pay your maintenance fees and they can get them back for nothing.

It is a pity we are not told this when we are given the sales pitch in the first place. Having said that, at the moment we are happy with our purchase.
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Postby Findhorn on Tue Nov 13, 2007 15:46 pm

Thanks for your reply-
I'll certainly have a look at that site
I didn't think that CLC would take them back at all- even if we just ofered them to them for nothing? Are you saying that if we don't pay our maintenance fees then CLC will claim the ponis back automatically.
Would that then be the end of our liabilities to them?

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Postby sellers on Fri Aug 08, 2008 17:13 pm

We also have a Gold points with Club La Costa and have been paying off a loan for years and years to the tune of about 13k. The maintenance is truly disgusting we are now getting a bill for £1000 snd recently they have even had the cheek to ask for another £98 because of the Euro! Surely we can all do something about this, otherwise they can just charge what they like. For the amount of times we are able to use it, the £1000 would give us an OK once a year hol.

Any advice out there please, surely we can take them to task for over charging on the fees?
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Postby cougar571 on Fri Aug 08, 2008 23:59 pm


If you fail to pay your maintainance charge they will take you to court for it.

They WILL take back your points for nothing though, just ask them, this is what my parents have just done, everything is kosher & they now have no liability.
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Postby wilsonjenny on Sat Aug 09, 2008 11:32 am


Unfortunately, there is nothing the members can do about the additional surcharge. CLC are not the only ones who have done this and to my knowledge this has not been levied before. There are a lot of members who are up in arms about this, as the maintenance fees are high as it is and going up each year. Hopefully, this is a one off.

It is always a pity when someone gives points back to CLC as they are the winners and you the losers. They will sell them on again and make a profit whilst you lose out. You cannot just stop paying the maintenance as CLC will pursue this via the courts.

The maintenance plan that CLC have in place is a huge rip off and should not under any circumstances be used, unless you can afford to pay it off in regular installments. There is information on how to do this on the clc members website ( If you can't afford to pay it off, then take out your own loan at a lower interest rate.

There is also a section of the members web site that is for selling. You never know it is better than giving them back to CLC.
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Postby sillyoldsod on Thu Feb 25, 2010 13:45 pm

you cant sell clc points back to them as said in other posts they will wait for you to not pay your maintenance then take them back which i did then i got a bill for 3 years maintenance plus interest and a bill for redemption of points all in told totalling over £2000, i now have a company looking into this for me to help me out because i now have a ccj against me, so you cant win.
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Postby Sandy Grey on Fri Feb 26, 2010 10:33 am

You might find the answer to your problem at

Sandy Grey
Sandy Grey
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Postby FullMonty on Sat Feb 27, 2010 01:13 am

"because i now have a ccj against me"

How come? The only way you can have a CCJ against you and thus your credit rating being affected is by the CLC taking you to court and winning and then you not paying in 28 days. Is that what happened?

Would you be kind enough to tell us when this was and at which court.
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Postby hobbs robert on Sat Oct 12, 2013 12:52 pm

We paid approx £12,000 -14,000.00
Ten years ago we have gold membership
We were told the Points were like share and could be valued and bought back by club la costa . This is a Lie
We were told by CLC sales team that we were owners???
We have never meet anybody who have been able to sell there points.
The Maintenance charges have gone from £300 a year to a whopping £1200 year and are still rising.
How do we leave these lieing bloodsuckers
How do we recoup some or any of the costs And or MTCE fee paid over the years.
Surely the Lies and entrapment cannot go un punished in a civilised society

Can anyone help
hobbs robert
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