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Postby Samavartaka on Thu Feb 17, 2011 17:22 pm

Dear all

I have been so sorry to read all the posts. We have just also returned from Gran Canaria and got accosted by a very charming and persuasive rep on Friday as we were heading to the boat for Mogan market. Didn't twig as he said it wasn't time share and exagerrated the point about working with the local tourist office. At that point we succumbed and took the taxi to the exhib where we were 'processed' with efficiency and then told to wait for the 'presentation'. Well it was our second to last day of our holiday, it was nice and sunny and I was damned if i would sit through a sales pitch (we were told it was an exhibition!) for 90 mns. As some of you stated, it was 3 hours!

We left, got the taxi prepaid to Mogan and now consider ourselves very lucky indeed as the lure of the beach was stronger than the wish for 2 bottles of booze, t-shirts and return boat tickets. Please take time to inform as many people/web sites as possible about them to avoid further heartache. I will put it on TripAdviser right now as many people refer to it.

Best of luck with your attempts of recovery.
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Postby anonymus on Mon Feb 21, 2011 22:03 pm

I want to warn everyone for Voyager because the club was formerly Design Vacation. They were arrested by the police but started over again with the new name Voyager. The website is the same as when she was called Design Vacation, they only changed the name.
I spent 3 years getting my money back. What I finally succeeded.
I am threatened by lawyers who did not exist. Please do not go with them into the sea because you're only a lidmaadschap and you get nothing for your money.
File a complaint to
Try searching on google and you'll find almost anything.
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Postby zebedeezeb on Thu Feb 24, 2011 12:33 pm

We were daft enough to fall for it too....googled it whilst still over here and have emailed them to say we want to cancel, will write a letter too (within 48 hours of signing up) and we too expect solicitors letters from them which we will duly ignore!
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Postby Babe67 on Tue Mar 01, 2011 01:42 am

Hi, my husband and I got sucked into this last year, we paid a deposit, over 700 euros, they really played on the fact that other family members could use it, as both our sisters love their 5*hols. This was our first day of holiday. But thought would google them from hotel, and found this site. We immediatley went out and brought writing paper, and sent them a letter, by registered post, cancelling, as we should have had the 7 day cooling off period, they told us there was none, when we signed the contract. (after a few glasses of bubbly)
We recieved a letter from them 3 months later, saying they do not accept this andasking for our back payments.
We have written back quoting the OFT spiel, on this site. Asking for our deposit back (paid on a debit card) not expecting to see it, and an expensive lesson.
We will not be paying any more.
Fortunate is that we said we would send them the money, rather than agreeing any DD, they tried putting us off this, as they said it would cost us more. But glad I did.
Was a waste of a day, and tshirt was too small!!!
Thanks for info on site, has been a help.
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Postby deanna cornforth on Thu Mar 10, 2011 21:42 pm

re voyager we were in puerto rico last year in the easter holidays walking to the beach we we're accosted by this very friendly couple we we're polite and took their free scratch card ah yes i won the only gold star of that day !!! we were given free taxi's to the resort where no one goes nearby and said no. they we're very persistent and followed us to the beach we just kept saying no thanks were here for a break !!and carried on.however we we we're in an irish bar that night in puerto rico right across from the drag show and one of the voyager reps came and sat with us he wasn't aware that had happened that day and was telling us what a fabulous holiday package it was took other people from that bar the day after and got them to sign up !! we went in the next evening and was even told by the owners don't even think about it its a scam we had already worked that out for ourselves !!!! but i saw him every night getting friendly organising trips to the new beach resort and people coming back absolutely plastered !!! having signed when they had no idea what they were signing for !!! anyway we came home free of the obligation also still thinking what a great deal for we do go on quite a lot of believing that was the end of it all, my brother having been to the same resort in the august of the previous year came over and gave us the voyager package he'd signed up to that previous august stating you can use it !!we didn't even know he and his family had signed up for it he could no longer afford to use it having being made redundant 8 weeks later after signing and after contacting them they said tough it's a contract !!! he was paying monthly and the apr rate was extortionate my mum had to pay off the outstanding balance for him.and yes we've tried to book and help get some of the money back that way never reply to my emails holiday requests or anything and when they have via their own flights it works out cheaper to go without using them anyway so be wary anybody thankyou
deanna cornforth
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Postby zebedeezeb on Mon Mar 14, 2011 11:33 am

We emailed, phoned, and sent a hand written letter within 48 hours of signing up. Then when we got back to the UK sent another one by registered post. We received a phonecall from someone ringing on their behalf saying there was no way we could get our money back as there was no cooling off period etc.

Whilst on the phone I simply stated that if we didn't get our money back we would pursue it every day until we did, and when he threatened us with solicitors I just said that's fine our solicitor would love to speak to them about it. Anyway...long story short....during that same phonecall, after I told him that if he had nothing to say that i wanted to hear then i was going to end the call, he said he'd give us the money back....but it could take up to ten days to appear on the account again. And....checked today...the money is there! (with a few extra quid too cause the exchange rate changed!)

Keep pestering's worth it!
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Postby carlionguc on Thu Apr 14, 2011 15:16 pm

Hello all,

I have been investigating this for my parents.

This is a SCAM. Previous posts have been very helpful particularly the one including this info:

We have been advised by the Office of Fair Trading in England that, under the European Doorstep Selling Directive 85/577, we were entitled to a minimum 7 days cooling off period because we were approached in an unsolicited manner and taken on an excursion arranged by yourselves for consumers.
As the information regarding the cooling off period was not provided in a durable form, the contract is rendered unenforceable (null & void)

In additon you should contact your credit card company asap and within 14 days who will almost certainly issue you with a full refund. DO NOT LET THEM GET AWAY WITH YOUR MONEY.

Best wishes to you all.....
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Postby purplecat78 on Sun Apr 24, 2011 12:03 pm

Hi, I can completely understand people's concerns regarding this company. However, I have read all the posts and NOBODY who is saying 'this is a SCAM' has actually used the membership. Those people who have actually accessed some of the holidays say they're quite satisfied.I have also paid to become a member of voyager and I'm researching them to make my mind up if it is truly a scam. I'm not going to jump on the band wagon and cancel my membership just because I've read reviews from some people who have never even completed there membership but who have decided that it probably is a scam. I'd love to hear from genuine people who have actually completed there membership and who can therefore give a fairer picture.
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Postby shaza7777 on Tue Apr 26, 2011 18:29 pm

cant find anything on the net like what they showed us all to good 2 be true let us no how works out for you , read more on here there are bad reports wont let people cancel, the got the right hump when we said no
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Postby pete52 on Thu Apr 28, 2011 00:33 am

This is my story we got caught by a couple of guys in the street in playa de ingles and we won a t-shirt and a laptop or DVD player or 600 euros they whisked us straight off in a taxi to anfi.

Then we had to wait for a English rep who then showed us round brought us drinks and then more drinks (just juice) then ice cream we had a nice day looking round then we had to see the manager who tried to sell us a 15000 time-share we said no and then in the end they wanted to sell us the Voyager for 4000 and wanted 800 deposit I siad i had no money or card and said had no card with us on holiday (I did really have a card by the way but was not happy doing it there and then) and could not spare any money from our holiday money for deposit as they just wanted any money they could get for the deposit.

So in the end they said they would let us pay the deposit and any balance when we got home which was better as did not want to pay anything till I had checked them out.

so we signed a few papers I did not give them any bank details or sign a credit agreement just some contract , And then had a nice free meal and then got given our DVD player / t-shirts and sent in a taxi home

(i thought it would be the dvd and not the 600 euros or the laptop was surprised we got the dvd aswell)

Now am home I have done some research and I don't like the sound of it now so what should I do should I send them a email about the cooling off period or just not bother as i had not paid anything or set up any kind of finance agreement all i we did was sign some contract they just wanted us to ring them and pay over the phone when we got home.

As at the moment we are up as we have had all these drinks ice creams meals taxi's the dvd player and t-shirts :)

Cheers for any thoughts on this
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