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Postby cruella on Fri May 06, 2011 12:08 pm

Hi Pete, i have just read with interest your account of what happened to you. something similar happened to us last year. We were staying in Puerto Rico and was stopped by some girls near MacDonalds, sent down to Anfi. They promised us it was not a Hard sell timeshare presentation and we fell for it and went so that they could get their 50 euro bonus. Cutting a long story short and an even LONGER day we were shown the price of buying an apartment/timeshare. When we said no the man at the end became very rude. Another man then showed us the price of a 2 week holiday back to Anfi and 3 other holidays around the world. We felt sorry for the girl who showed us around, must admit did like he apartments and decided to buy, paid a deposit and went away with our Voyager Pack and our DVD player. We are suckers for a sad story and a few days later we ended up doing the same for some other guys, they assured us that this was an Internet based Travel Agent..NOT TIMESHARE..and went. We told the guy who showed us around that we did not want to stay all day. He gave us a quick version which surprised us and when we said we had to go away and think about it. He told us that he would be surprised if we came back, gave us our gift,a T Shirt and a bottle of wine.Totally different from our first experience a few days before. We took a taxi back to Anfi and cancelled, asked for our deposit back. HMM!!! how people change. They recuctlantly gave in. Can you imagine how surprised that second salesman was when we went back and asked to buy. Even bigger surprise was that this was called Voyager aswell. That is when we found out that more than one company on the island has the same name for their holiday product. They are NOT connected. That was last year, many sleeps later from when we first bought, lots of worries,"should we or shouldn´t we" but 9 months later we have just returned home to the UK again, great suntans,great holiday and greater holidays to come. We are not saying it will suit everyone but we are happy. If we would have read all these reports first we would most probably have wanted to cancel and we would have lost out..It seems to me that most of these comments are from people who just changed their minds and have never used it. That does not mean that it is a scam.
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Postby bigrick on Mon May 16, 2011 12:38 pm

my wife and I have just come back from a 2 week holiday in Gran canaria.
We went to have a look around and vowed that we would only go for the gifts( weather was a bit cloudy). Guess what we bought. That was on our 5th day of our holiday, we were staying in a not nice place, had complained so many times to the hotel(who just listened but did not do anything). Nice thing was the sales lady told the money man about our hotel and they moved us in for the rest of our holiday. We had plenty of time to talk to the people around the pools. We did have a few questions. There is alot to take in at the time and if we had not of moved in perhaps we to would have considered it a risk aswell. We have already booked our next holiday back in October. We have been reading alot of the things posted over the years but all we can say is phoned them if you have any questions. We went away feeling ok.
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Postby Bobsmum71 on Tue Jul 12, 2011 23:16 pm

I think you need only look at the posts from the couple that joined in 2008 and the couple that joined in 2005 to see that they were written only 16 minutes apart, but by the same person (called "bleeker") to see that those are phoney, and therefore unbelievable. Also curious are the two other posts from supposedly happy customers, written by "Scorpio.45" and "leo64". Hmm. Do you believe them? Also, one post was later found to be from an IP address in Spain.
You will have been approached if you were a couple. One of you will win a t-shirt, the other, a 5 star prize (cam-corder, holiday or €600) it will always be the holiday. The holiday is subject to a booking fee of some sort (yet to find out how much) and you have to attend another pressure-selling thing on holidays or similar.
Tell the tour operator to warn the next lot of guests. There's plenty of other forums dishing dirt on this company, and I have yet to see a genuine post from a happy, satisfied customer.
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Postby pete52 on Wed Jul 20, 2011 22:47 pm

Just to let you know what i did

I ignored all the text messages and phone calls and they gave up after about 1 month.

So glad they never got my money.

Gave the DVD Player to my partners brother and he was happy with it.


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Postby damon on Thu Jul 21, 2011 12:54 pm

I first bought a 1 bed in Anfi Beach 8 years ago after doing the Anfi visit. I was amazed at the whole place and then bought a bi-ennial year which was not so good so upgraded to a floating week in Gran Anfi. Owning two weeks give me the advantage of belonging to the Anfi...
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Postby luckyescape? on Sun Sep 18, 2011 14:38 pm

Just got back from gran canaria where i was caught by a chap with the scratchcards. We won the tshirt and one of three gold prizes. Off we were whisked allbeit cynically to the hotel where we were there for a couple of hours being shown round, drinks etc.

Eventually got to speak to someone who was a big intimidating chap who used multiple pressure sale techniques. If genuine it seemed only to be of value if going to lots of 5* resorts a number of times a year. The buy now or never, a price written on a plain piece of paper rather a price list and multiple other 'offers' were enough to put us off/raise alarm bells so we left.

To be fair they gave us a bottle of plonk, tshirt, a free holiday voucher (timeshare with no flights, an undisclosed booking fee and a pressure sales presentation) and a taxi back to puerto rico.

Seems from this and other forum pages we may have had a lucky escape!
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Postby rednurse on Mon Oct 10, 2011 14:37 pm

have just been to Puerto Rico GC and been caught by Voyger Travel, paid £2000 deposit, no excuse for such stupidity other than they were very slick, even said at the time seemed like an episode of Hustle. On rerurn to the UK looked them up on the website and learned a very expensive lesson. Have cancelled our debit cards and informed the police and also informed have said that they have had a number of complaints about this company under the name Voyger and the other names they use Lifestyle Holiday Ltd, Lifestyle Vacation and Day International Marketing s.l. Will not be responding to any letters other than to say "fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me".P.S. yes the T-sherts were too small
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Postby m111t on Fri Oct 14, 2011 20:16 pm

We had the same thing in GC, only agreed to jump in the taxi cos it was going in the direction we wanted to go. After 2 hrs of sales we told them to e-mail the details of this to good to be true offer as far as parting with cash on the day was a no. Very quickley we had our taxi to go back to the hotel which they did pay. 2 hours of crap was not worth 20e for the taxi.
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Postby RICKYM on Wed Dec 07, 2011 20:52 pm

I am from Canada living in UK and while visiting Gran Canaria I had a 2 hour sales pich in which I challenged everything...In the end the manager asked me to leave because I was asking too many questions !!!

I have already emailed one of my friends in Spain (she is a Lawyer in Madrid) about this scam and informed my Hotel Manager about this as well.

My Hotel Manager told me that almost every second week he hears someone getting ripped off by these people and HOW CAN PEOPLE BE SUCH FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLS !!!

I AGREE WITH HIM !! Thank God I got kicked out.....
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Postby sadhols on Wed Jan 11, 2012 18:13 pm

we too fell for the voyager scam in january 2010, we paid £4000 by credit card.We were not advised about cooling off period. We attempted to book so called free cruise for september 2011 we waited ages for reply and were told it would cost £2500 for the flights for 2 people, we knew we could get flights for £1000. and it was also to late to book anyway. We went on the free week at Club Puerto Atlantico,more like 2 star than 4, noisy and the doors didn,t shut properly. We ended a day to a compulsory time share golf complex to be told this would cost £75,000 for a few weeks a year.
We tried to book another free week in Spain but they couldn,t get the area or accomodation we wanted, they passed us over to another company to organise our week.
When we arrived for our free week we were told we only had 3 free nights and would have to pay 75 Euros each night for remainder of stay. We also had to spend another day listening to a sales pitch by another company who told us they had paid for our stay not voyager as they had passed our details to them.
We want our money back and have informed .Gov
This company should be closed down and all holiday makers to Gran Canaria should we warned when they get to their resort.
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