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Won a free holiday? Suspicious? This is the place for you!

Postby ali63bhs67 on Tue Apr 24, 2012 10:54 am

Well I am just back from Maspolomas and I will give you all my experience of this timeshare scam. All me and my partner were doing was looking for a cash machine before we were approached by some blonde haired tout babbling on in barely legible English about me having won one of 3 super prizes. She then called her friend over ( a man who was Spanish and again all we could understand was something about a free taxi and winning one of 3 top prizes),who proceeded to instruct me to smile, act enthusiastic and tell people at this place we collect the prize that these touts were excellent. The fact he had to tell us this rather speaks volumes as he was none of these things, of course these people want their commission money no doubt. I was sceptical and ready to ****** up the ticket but my partner said the 600Euro would come in handy so off we were bundled in the taxi. ( which was free so they did honor that promise). This is where we arrived at this Club Puerto Atlantico, where a blonde woman came over and immediately cottoned on to the fact I was sceptical. Then we were approached by, putting it politely, a robust man named Charlie. I repeatedly asked charlie to cut to the chase and tell me the catch to which he lied through his teeth and said there was no catch we had definitely won the holiday. It turns out in fact that everyone wins the holiday by the way. Only it is not a holiday at all, it is 2 star accomodation no food or drink or flights included) in one of the other canary islands, so this in in itself is false advertisement. Charlie tried his damndest to act interested in our lives, asking us about children, our work, our plans, our holidays etc and bought us a few cokes, even handing over a cigarette to my partner. This 90 minute presentation turned out to be more like 2 and a half hours and as neither myself or partner had eaten since 8am and it was now nearing 3, by the time Charlie was trying to show me the voyager website I was beyond disinterested. Charlie sensed this and he got to the point. He wanted us to sigh up for this holiday firm for 12 years on the basis we would be promised half board 4-5 star accomodation. Of course we would have to pay for flights which charlie seemed keen to point out were cheap, which is a lie as flights change all the time. After some flattery tencniques which included asking me if my citizen watch was a rolex ( do you think I would be staying in turbo club gran canaria if I could afford a rolex?)Charlie proceeded to ask us if we had 5995 to hand over. My response was a swift no, so he tried to get 500 out of us, again my reply was no, so in a last ditch attempt charlie asked us to hand over 250. I told Charlie I would sign or hand over nothing but I would consider his firm when I got home. At this point Charlies attitude changed completly. We were told we would never be able to use voyager again as they would be paying vat and tax ( tax and vat dodge going on as well it would seem) and charlie shot up as quickly as his fat backside would allow and muttered 'let's get you out of here'. He then wobbled off, printed out the 'holiday' we had won, informed us we would have to attend another tedious presentation and then said' I'm sure you will be pleased to know this alison (in a sarcastic tone) do you still want it'. I had sat there 2 hours plus listening to your boring crap, of course I wanted it, even though I doubt I will use it. I then pointed out charlie had an attitude to which he responded 'Please dont causes a scene in front of my managers'. Basically the nice guy Charlie soon changed his tune when he realised he had wasted valuable hours and would be getting no commission for it. Well boo hoo. I pointed out to him that we had not asked to come here to which he replied 'I didnt ask you either'. No you didn't charlie, you just have touts on the street falsely advertising and promising gullible people prizes they will not win. We left the place thourougly fed up, and downtrodden but thankfully not out of pocket. But we had wasted the best part of the day. Moral of the story of this. You didn't get nothing for nothing in this life and you certainly wont win the 600euro just for walking the streets. They tell you only 3 people win the top prize, well we had it from the beach whales mouth ( charlies) that this is not true, its just another scam to make it all sound more appealing)The best thing anyone can do when approached by these scratch card touts is tell them to get lost. And I wouldn't do it politely either, after all these people have no conscience about the people they are attempting to ****** over. I feel sorry for those of you scammed by these con artists but really, you should have smelt a rat straight away. When Charlie asked us were we optimists or pessimists, what he really meant was were we gullible or not. Thankfully, the answer is no.
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Postby worriedstill on Fri May 11, 2012 17:45 pm

arrived at voyager presentation via the you have won a prize route. did atour taking four hours during which I was ask to fill in a questionaire about our likes and dislikes on holiday, how often we travalled and how we paid for goods whilst on holiday (no financial information given) our names and was ask to sihn and date it MISTAKE?. at the end of the tour we were given some figures at which piont I said that I was not inerested, we were then asked could we be contacted by the company to tell them how the tour was conducted on this form therep put our nmanes date of birth home address and mobile telephone number I didnt sihn this formand we escaped the pressure sell,
can they use the information that they have in any way.
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Postby siant on Wed May 30, 2012 16:13 pm

Hi worriedstill,

They will use the information to batter you with cold calls to try to get you to purchase "cheap" scam, timeshare presentation, holidays with them through the part of the company known as Resorts4All.

Just a warning to all those of you thinking of booking through the discount "travel agent" Resorts 4 All- DON´T, either through their website or the various discount voucher sites out there! This is a scam company, based in Gran Canaria, which uses internet-based phone lines attached to UK numbers so you think they are a UK based company. It is worrying that the voucher companies do business with them, turning a blind eye to their illegal tactics! Must be all about the money I suppose..

The holidays are so cheap because it is just a way to try to con you into buying a fake Voyager timeshare, which is worthless and based on thin air. The reps really pressure you into buying a timeshare, during a long presentation while you are on holiday, and will forget to mention your rights to cancel before it´s too late under EU law! I worked for this company briefly last year before realising it was all a scam and got out as soon as I could because I couldn´t look myself in the eye working at a place like that!

A lot of the junior staff there don´t realise what is going on because the management are very convincing and the commissions can be good. The office operation is run by same-sex couple Fiona and Claire who have spent their lives hopping from one fraudulent operation to another throughout Europe and they are very well versed in saying whatever they can to reel you in and trick you into believing the holidays are so cheap because they are based in the Canary Islands tax haven! Whenever it is suggested that the company is a scam they will simply say any bad press is caused by employees who they had to sack and are therefore disgruntled! Quite a clever tactic, but if you leave on your own accord and flag them up what´s the excuse then..? You only have to look at their website to see how unprofessional it looks- how little legal and regulatory information there is.

They are also not in ANY way ATOL bonded or ABTA protected, so you are unprotected if anything goes wrong. They also run a phoney timeshare resale operation called ReclaimGC from the same office under the pretence that they will get you the money you spent on timeshare back through the courts on a no win no fee basis. What they forget to tell you is that you will be charged 5-6000 pounds in legal fees once out there, which they offer to offset against the purchase of their phoney timeshare! They target many of the legitimate timeshare companies who are now on their case and taking legal action against them. Therefore, it is quite likely that Resorts 4 All will go out of business before you can take your "holiday" through them...and you will lose your money!

Don´t fall into this trap!
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Postby cruella on Wed Aug 08, 2012 13:57 pm

I have not read or written on this site in over 12 months and then only ONCE. I get really frustrated when I read some of the comments on here by some people who know very little about what they are talking about. We bought a pack of holidays.My family went on tour a few years ago, bought, was really frightened in what I/we had done but after much sole searching decided to give it a try. We were fed up with some of the previous holidays accomadation.No logic I would then go back to a travel agent again, possibly try a different travel agent down the high street and give them our hard earned cash for something I knew would possibly dissapoint us again in the future. We are not a cheap skates but we do or did expect value for what we had paid. Nearly all of these comments on this forum are from people who are grown ups, decided to jump in a taxi for a free bee, could have left at anytime.(just like us) Difference is we stuck with it and are getting great holidays in really good accomadation. We buy our own flights and we have learned to shop around for the best prices.If you dont want to buy it..DONT!!!Nobody forced us to pay the deposit. My thoughts are if you have bought but feel like we did contact them.They really talked us thru it.We recently visited their new resort of Atlantic Sands. We had a great holiday, visited club puerto atlantico...all being made new. Went upstairs and saw alot of familiar faces and was made to feel very welcome. How can anyone say it is worthless without trying it first.!!!
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Postby katti caribbean on Thu Aug 09, 2012 06:00 am

I am just back with my family with a beautiful trip to Caribbean Island -Cuba .
It was a beautiful experience of my life .i have never enjoyed that much before .
We booked our tour with a great deal through "" they rented us a villa .
Sight from the window was beautiful geeen everywhere. There was a private pool for us and Car and a guide was available every time. There was a separate play area for children .
Everyhthing was according to our preferences
katti caribbean
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Postby vulcan900 on Thu Aug 09, 2012 16:43 pm

I bought into voyager about 3 years ago. At that time I never really used the internet much and I am glad i didn´t. I(we)have had some great holidays. First one was back to Gran canaria. That is what swayed it for wife was sold straightaway as soon as she saw the room. The way i saw it was if they were not genuine they would not have booked a holiday in their hotel for my family.I have had a few other holidays after that, on some of the free holidays they gave us. I was brought up with a slightly different view on life. Don´t gamble what you can not afford to loose. This has turned out to be a good win/win situation. my eldest daughter (19 years) wanted to go on holiday earlier this year with her friends. i did not have any worries because i knew she would be looked after and would be staying in an excellent resort.The reception staff are the same as when we first bought and they have a 24 hour service.The very nice lady in the booking office has been there for years. The man who sold us has actually passed away a few years ago. Great genuine guy!!!he is sadly missed by lots of people. He told us straight down the line.NO BULL..I am sure there have been a few people working there and with hindsight i am sure some would not be employed again, but that is true in any form of employment.That is why they are not there now but unfortunately people have to take people on face value. I am defending them because they can not do it for themself. i do think it is worth the risk because there is no risk at all. i do think if you have to like holidays and want to take more it is worth the gamble. There comes a time in our life when we want something better but we are not all fortunate to have won the lottery. I think some of these comments come from sacked ex employees.As the guy who sold us( I won´t mention his name)told us there are alot of timeshare companies and hotels who are jealous because voyager is so successful and they know they will loose future holiday business.
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Postby gingertom on Fri Aug 10, 2012 09:19 am

There are 12 pages of almost exclusively negative comments about this topic.

How is it that the guy who you bought off passed away some years ago but was then able to give you information about tactics employed by rivals?

Call me sceptical(with a capital S) if you wish-but I know what I believe.
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Postby vulcan900 on Fri Aug 10, 2012 12:22 pm

reply to gingertoms comments;
ofcourse he couldn´t tell me that after he had passed away, sorry this was not made clear at the time of my writing my comments. He told us that when we went for a lovely meal with him a few days later(which we did not have to pay for).
you seem very catty(ginger tom) and are very active on these pages, well over 40 comments, when most only enter 1 or 2 posts.Call me sceptical(with a capital S) if you wish- but i am happy in what I believe.
I will post another comment in January after our next cheeky holiday..if it is good i will say so and if it does not meet my expectations i will say that aswell.!!!
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Postby gingertom on Mon Aug 13, 2012 10:14 am


It appears that Voyager works for you,personally.If it does,that is fine.

I merely pointed out that there are very few positive posts,if you read from page 1.

Also you will see that certain posts have been noted as giving "cause for concern",as detailed in follow-on posts.

Why the issue with my level of posting?there are people with more posts than myself.

I could say the same about your "newness" to the site.Maybe I just did.

Have a good time on your next Voyager experience.
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Postby grace2june on Sun Aug 19, 2012 20:20 pm


Friends of mine have recently signed up to Voyager paying a deposit of £2k having just returned from GC, i have read all the posts on this site but nobody seems to be giving an explanation as to why they wish to cancel.

Can anyone shed any light on this for me.

Many thanks
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