Help, any info on Voyager Holiday Club Gran Canaria

Won a free holiday? Suspicious? This is the place for you!

Postby cruella on Tue Aug 21, 2012 16:15 pm

I think people are just scared. They read all these comments on the forums and get cold feet. You are correct there a very few explanations as to why!!!I have used it and think it is a good idea and have had some good experiences. Each to their own.It seems that peolpe only advertise the bad in things in life never the good. My father brought me up to believe there are 2 sides to every story. My advice would be contact the company if they have any questions. Hope this helps a little.
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Postby grace2june on Wed Aug 22, 2012 08:53 am

Hi Cruella

Thanks ever so much for your reply, i couldnt understand all the negatives and people requesting a refund without explaining the reason as to why.
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Postby armani on Wed Aug 22, 2012 11:49 am

tell me about fast online air ticketing sites....
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Postby roket3 on Thu Aug 23, 2012 08:06 am

Bienvenidos a ABA. - Oropesa del Mar. Marina d'Or .

Somos una empresa especializada en el alquiler, compra y venta de apartamentos en Marina d'Or, Oropesa del Mar ,Castellón. Alquilamos exclusivamente apartamentos dentro del complejo Marina d'Or. En los diferentes apartados que le presentamos podrán encontrar lo mejor de nuestra ciudad de vacaciones.
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Postby sjwagdom on Mon Sep 10, 2012 12:27 pm

we ',bought' the voyager/vacations package during a trip to Granc Canaria in Feb 2011, we then came home to a recession and havent been able to take any holidays since. We did 'activate' the 'free' cruise vouchers at a cost of 500 euros (free) ? thinking that maybe we would be able to take advantage of them one day. Last week I was contacted by 'Marina' in Malaga, part of Vacations saying that they had noticed we hadnt used our package and would we like to sell it ( for about a 250% profit on what we paid) I said we would like to consider it and could they send the contract so that I could show it to my solicitor - I never received the contract, I never got the promised returned phone call, and just like having an itch that you cant scratch my gut feeling tells me we've lost a lot of money that we couldnt afford and cant do anything about it. If anyone has any advice as to where to go or who to contact to try and get our money back - please help.
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Postby drfish on Mon Sep 17, 2012 15:43 pm

For all those doubters.

Ran by one of the biggest fraudsters in Spanish history. An ex-exec of Anfi. The timeshare reclaim they offer is another scam.

What about the free holidays.

1 week back in GC, wow, that's about £500 as a late deal.
Florida cruise and stay - Free holiday, but wait til they hit you with the binding flights (that have to be done via the cruise company). Around 3x what you'd pay for high street flights.
Another free week of your choice, providing it's Thailand.

Search the web guys, make up your own mind. We got fleeced, despite my gut feeling on the subject. Fortunately, only lost around 700euros' so far, before I pulled the plug this afternoon.

I'll keep this up to date with progression of cancellation, and retrieval of deposit. A little shafted with regards the deposit though, as my Grandfather-in-law (72 years old) paid it on his debit card. He's never owned a credit card, as a matter of principle. But the deal was, he got the deposit, I paid the rest. Feel slightly sorry for him now to be honest, but I'll do my damndest to reclaim it.

Going back next year now, on principle, and a quick trip to Arguineguin will be in order, with a big plackard, and i'll stand right outside the Club Puerto Atlantico with it.

And if anyone does happen upon this bunch of scammers, punch them in the face from me!!!


My Grandfather-in-law yesterday contacted his bank, Santander, who were able to stop the last 2 payments from clearing. Voyager are now to be investigated by Santanders fraud department. It turns out, they were trying to take the payments as cash payments, rather than a purchase. The reason being, they can't use a purchase method of receipt as the bank that oversees their operation isn't in Spain. Food for thought! Needless to say, we may only lose out on 500euro's.
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Postby gingertom on Tue Sep 18, 2012 09:23 am

Now-lets wait for the next poster to extoll the virtues of membership and try to decry all the negative comments.
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Postby drfish on Fri Oct 12, 2012 08:45 am

Low and behold, they have refunded the money. After a few heated exchanges via email, with the threat of involving the OMIC (Gran Canaria's trading standard people) they have refunded the money. The excuse being, and I quote, "We wouldn't want any dissatisfied customers". What a load of tosh. What they mean is, they don't have a legal leg to stand on, ergo, they're refunding the money before any unwanted attention from the authorities comes their way. Santander, my grandfather-in-laws bank, have issued a fraud investigation with details to the OMIC and followed up through their own legal channels.

My advice, stick to your guns, report it to the OMIC (who are very helpful and keen to work against Eugen Kaiser) and follow up with as many forum posts and reports to UK timeshare scam organisations as possible. Keep your conversations with them to email only, unless recorded telephone calls are agreed. Make sure that any correspondence via email has delivery reports enabled to prove they got the email, and lastly, don't give the b@st%$ds an inch. You will win! Do not feel threatened by them.

Good luck everyone trying to get their money back, although, as said, they have no right to keep it, the contract IS NOT legally binding and they are being watched.
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Postby Danny Fletcher on Thu Nov 01, 2012 15:22 pm

Anything to do with this company is bad news. I lost 8k with reclaimgc another of their wonderful companys based in arguinigan.They are crooks who used to work for Anfi Del Mar and I do not know why the omic do not step in when they have had many many complaints, mine included.

Voyager Peurto Atlantico,claims direct,reclaimgc etc etc are all run by the crook Eugen kaiser SO KEEP WELL AWAY!
Danny Fletcher
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Postby Topcattc Racing on Sun Jan 06, 2013 15:06 pm

Just back from Puerto Rico Gran Canaria where we visited the Voyager holiday Club.
We won on the cards handed out on the beach front and for a bit of fun took the "free" taxi ride to Puerto Atlantico. We were it seemed big winners. My wife was so sceptical about this that she was told by the card issuer to be more excited when we got there. this was repeated to her numerous times!
After free non alchoholic drinks and a toasty we were were given the tour. All the time we sat there people were supposedly signing up, there was a popping of corks then mass clapping. I asked what % of people signed up there and then anwas told 38%. this must have been a remarkable day for business as we witnessed around half a dozen new members!
We had the look round including visiting the site of an area that was to have a new beach and harbour built,sand imported from North Africa no less. We also were shown a site were giant lizards lived in a large wall,dog poo also spotted.
When we got the money details we both told the rep Roberto Valentino that it was outside our budget.This all happened inside a nicely presented apartment He asked us to turn down his bosses other offers take the gifts then meet him outside to do a "special deal"because he wanted to favour us,his words not mine..
So off we went with two bottles of Spanish Fizz and two tee shirts issued by a loacl radio station size M + our return taxi voucher. We then walked off with Roberto joining us after a few minutes but out of site of his boss and the area. Mobile telephone at his ear.
We then went to a small cafe to discuss the deal. Roberto wanted 299 euros in cash to to get us a weeks holiday at the resort. Down from 599,what a bargain.
I asked if he could give me paperwork and use a credit card. Oh had to be processed out of the reach of his boss and him and the cashier would have to sort out the paperwork. I said no that is not my type of business. He then said how much would you give as a deposit and quick as a flash,my wife said £2.50.
This did not go down well. Roberto tried a few emotional blackmail tactics "If I`m that untrustworthy I can bury my head in the sand down there" and "You`ve got the choice between a lovely holiday or making a bad impression on me."
We bid farewell. Roberto i believe was back on his phone to his boss to report in. Fours hours no return.
We were also informed about How Eugene was tireless worker spending so much time recovering money for people who were misold timeshares. There was also a picture board of happy customers,one of whom was a London cabbie who also chose the route in that we didn't take.
The local authorities can't be unaware of this scam,and it is Brits and a South African that pushed us to go visit these disgraceful scammers. We also met another Brit badged seller who was going down the same route with us but backed off when we told him what we thought of it.
I have the reps name, phone number and email address.
The moral of the story is "Ye cannae take the breeks of a Heiland man"
Topcattc Racing
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