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Postby toxic_lolly on Tue Nov 23, 2010 15:55 pm

Well what can I say . We too were taken in by the hard sell and the beautiful location. Luckily we only parted with a deposit. Exactly the same as you all describe, a tout on the street and a winning ticket etc. etc....

Worryingly we were encouraged to visit another 'Time Share' style presentation at a different hotel by our Thomas Cook Rep who then paid us 45 Euros for our inconvenience. Does this mean that our big travel companies are invoved in this unpleasant side of the holiday market too ?
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Postby FullMonty on Wed Nov 24, 2010 00:34 am

I am prepared to place a small wager the TC rep was acting unofficially. Try asking head office and see!
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Postby MsNaive on Sat Dec 25, 2010 13:05 pm

We too were jumped by a guy claiming to work for the tourist information board in Gran Canaria. He showed us official looking ID. He told us that tourists were down 40% from UK and 50% from Ireland and wanted to demonstrate a Gran Canarian search engine similar to Should have guessed it was a ruse. 5 hours later we managed to escape as we felt if it was too good to be true then it probably was.The price kept coming down and the freebies kept going up as we procrastinated. We Didn't even get the crummy prizes they told us we'd won!! but at least we got a free taxi back and didn't lose any money. I told the guy I didn't have my credit card with me (as we'd only been going out to buy paracetomol) and he said he'd come back to our hotel with us. thought it was a scam before this but at that point I KNEW it was.
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Postby JUST SAY NO!!!!!! on Tue Jan 25, 2011 21:29 pm

Hi we got sucked into this. We were killing time when approached already knowing it was time share. The man who saw is who gave me his buisness card regarding selling timeshares for a relative of mine but crossed his mobile out! (didnt get that bit but he works for voyager and have his email if any wants his contact).
We were there for 3hours! we genuinely were not intrested!the guy was like a dog with a bone he would not let go! In the back ground was bottles of champagne popping for people who but this deal. We told under no circumstances we would not sign for anything on day we always think it over which is true! He couldnt believe it. He then showed us to this dodgy computer, which he said his wife changed the password (on his work computer? and the user name and password was voyager! We thought this was strange!)
He was adding pressure and pressure and was getting quite argumentive. At this point we were wanting to leave however the taxi was too expensive to do so! I told the guy we would think about it he said i know you wont come back. (Why because he knew we would research!) His manager came over three times to convince us! this guy was aggitated to say the least at this point! I was polite my partner was scepticle all the way! In the end it was yself who was loosing my temper! after myself asking how much about fifty times! To his reponse was what does price mater? (hello everything!). His answer was if you really want it why does price matter to my response was 20 euros happy to gamble with grands is different ball game. Afrer sayin we were not intrested he became so rude! All though guys on here have be scammed i feel for you but we should urge people to warn about these guys! dodgy facts :

you had to be with your partner living for 5 years! you had to do the deal on the day no coming back! fake website that didnt look ligitthe place we went oe person was at the pool on there own, you had to be in gran canaria 5 days prior to sell also these guys with scratch cards were only seen on sat no other day! g
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Postby petek on Thu Jan 27, 2011 08:32 am


we have just returned from GC and have fallen for this.

Now we have got home and had time to go over everything and have found this website the alarm bells are ringing loudly.

We are speaking to our credit card co to try and retrieve deposit,and will not be sending final payment to Day International.

Just hope it's like other posters have put on here that after a while the calls and emails will stop and the do not pursue the issue any further.
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Postby Littleknown on Thu Jan 27, 2011 11:37 am


Read through the old posts on this forum, there is a wealth of good information.
Don't pay the balance, don't speak to them, put the phone done, don't answer their emails. If you were not told about a 'cooling off' period tell your credit card company as Voyager (or whatever they call themselves now) used this arguement with my credit card company that I had not cancelled within the 7 days cooling off period therefore the contract was binding. Let the OFT trading know, if nothing else it informs them that they are still trading. Also in one of my posts they gave me a good quote the OFT gave to me to use in a letter to my credit card company, make sure you tell them where you got the information from (i.e., OFT). Good luck, don't give up.
PS. Look at my post on page 6, headed FANTASTIC NEWS gives you the EU Directive and OFT quote.
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Postby petek on Thu Jan 27, 2011 21:06 pm

Thanks Littleknown, will keep the forum updated with what happens.
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Postby AndreasJ on Fri Jan 28, 2011 10:23 am

Andréas from sweden here. The same for me and my girlfriend last week. Lottery whit chance for 600 euro, taxitrip to Puerto Atlantico, and badley 490 Euro in deposit.

Yesterday i emailed ( according to the missed "7 days cooloff", and cancelled everything. Like everyonelse i got an email back it didn´t cansel the contract, because it was legaly binding, and not according to the spanish law whitin the "timeshare" consept.

BUT!..according to the EU-law "doorstep-selling", they can´t refuse the cancellation! =)

Badly we payed in cash, so most likley we wont se the 490 euro we paid in deposit, but however it´s better than paying the full 4900 euro, for the "6 month try period".

In case of any legal action, or anything else, PLEASE email me!. If we get together, we can make a much stronger case aginst them.

Sincerly your


Don´t hesitate to contact me!
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Postby petek on Wed Feb 09, 2011 21:28 pm

Well spoke to trading standards today and have been told that Voyager will take us to court for failing to keep to terms of the agreement.

Also credit card company have said they will be able to process outsatning amount due from the card we used for deposit, but they will claim this back if this happens.

Looks like we are screwed, and will have to pay them in the end.
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Postby Littleknown on Thu Feb 10, 2011 17:44 pm

Speak to the OFT, not sure our Trading Standards are up to speed with EU Trading Law, either way sit tight and see if they prosecute. If you weren' told about the 7 day cooling off period you can use this and the other quotes from OFT I have already told you about. Try closing your credit card account and transfer outstanding balance to another card that way the credit card details they have are null and void and they won't be able to get the outstanding balance. Above all don't give up.
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