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Postby Glanbraint on Fri Aug 01, 2008 00:02 am

Hi we were daft enough to sign up for Voyager. Paid nearly £2000 deposit on credit card with £4000 to pay on returning home. Lots of promises made. As a teacher we asked about availability at peak times, were assured would not be a problem. rep told us they were ATOL registered. Also that Voyager had been in business for 25 years. We were told we could sell the holidays on and that was how many people paid for their membership. We were told that we had a seven day cooling off period.
Of course the contract said availability was not guaranteed and on returning home we asked George Kanne for their ATOL number which he said he would get back to us about and never did.
We informed him that as the club membership was sold with grossly misleading sales techniques and promises, that we were cancelling our membership and expected a full refund of our deposit. After several letters from him. we received a letter from their solicitors informing us we had to pay the balance, plus interest, plus their fees by a certain deadline. We informed them that we would do no such thing, We received another solicitor's letter backing down on this and kindly offering us two options:
1. Pay the balance with no extra fees or 2. Pay 1/3 of the balance in way of compensation to cancel the membership. This was to be paid by 7/7/08.
Despite the stress this has caused us we laughed as the letter was farcical!
We had since consulted a solicitor who informed us that if the contract was written under Spanish rather than European law then they have no jurisdiction to claim it back, but of course we also have no jurisdiction here to claim our deposit back. We contacted the solicitors again telling them to get lost, and have heard nothing since.

With regards to our deposit we are trying to claim it back from our credit card company. Using section 75 we have argued that the company was grossly fraudulent. They replied saying as we signed the contract to say only written stuff are terms of the membership, that any verbal claims made are irrelevent and that Voyager are not in Breach of Contract. Therefore they are not liable.
We have bounced this back to them, arguing that the membership was sold fraudulently, but our main argument is that the contract did not say that we could not cancel the contract or anything about a time limit to cancel. Therefore we feel that by not allowing us to cancel they are in breach of contract!
This letter was sent 7/7 and we are still awaiting a reply from the CC co.
I will update this as and when we have a decision.
If anyone has any information about their dealings with Voyager, or about successful claims under section 75 that may help us, we would be really grateful if they would post on this thread!
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Postby Fred 2 on Fri Aug 01, 2008 13:09 pm

Almost nothing about Voyager on the web. Not even a web site. Odd for an operation in business for 25 years. George Kanne was involved with Design Vacation/ Trustresale for which this may well be a successor. This is NOT and had nothing to do with DWVC/ Timelinx.

There are one or two hits if you Google "George Kanne" including links to comment on Timesharetalk, as well as Design Vacation, which may be of some help. Definite evidence of dishonesty.

You can check company names with the CAA for an ATOL at

You should of course have been given a 7 day cooling-off period under Spanish law if you were dragged in off the street. Advice of this right should have been given in writing. If you were not given this the cancellation period is extended to three months.

If this was a recent visit then the Spanish equivalent of this will apply to a Spanish contract (as it does in the UK from May 08)-
and I am sure that they will have contravened a number of the provisions.
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Postby ste8ay on Wed Sep 10, 2008 12:51 pm

hi we had the same experience 8 years ago with this company. i am now trying to get in touch with them but all my old contact details are not responding .do you have a contact number for them. currently trying to resell but not having much luck as anyone who deals in timeshare or holiday clubs seems to just want your money
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Postby bleeker on Wed Sep 17, 2008 10:57 am

I joined voyager in 2008 and have a lot of help from them. my rep was a lady called TRACEY who gave us her personal details so we could contact her at any time. do not be put off by other peoples comments , you cant keep every body happy all the time.
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Postby bleeker on Wed Sep 17, 2008 11:13 am

my wife and i have been members since 2005 and have found the service absolutely wonderful. it has enabled us to visit places we only ever dreamt of. availability has never been a problem even though i am a proffesor in a university. the help and advice has been second to none.
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Postby scorpio.45 on Wed Sep 17, 2008 11:21 am

my family joined a couple of years ago and have enjoyed numerous holidays like the person who posted the last reply. when our membership ends we will be first in line to extend it !!!!
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Postby leo64 on Wed Oct 01, 2008 11:46 am

make of this what you will.

We joined in late 2006, got home and wondered what have we done and were still unsure. Luckily I was talking to a work colleague about it and about our reservations and he told us that his sister had joined a similar thing and maybe it might be the same and we should talk to her as she had just come back from the cruise and stay holiday.
I contacted her and she invited us over to see her hol. photos and her enthusiasm for "Voyage£ gave us the reassurances we needed.
We took our first holiday back in Gran Canaria, probably to see if the place still stood, and were welcomed back like old friends. Had a great time as our first time in G.C. was in a really bad complex. Goodbye to all that now.
We have now just returned from our first cruise to the Bahamas on board "Fantasy" and cannot begin to say what a great time we had.
We have two children aged 8 and 10 and they were catered for brilliantly by the onboard kids crew.
All this was eclipsed by the "Disney" experience which was for us unbelievable and this was the push we needed to actually do it at last.
Can-t wait to go next year and do it all again.
We were also able to give my wifes-s parents a surprise holiday in Lanzarote last January for their anniversary from the £99 bonus weeks.
The staff are just great when it comes to booking and arranging flights.
So easy.

make of this what you will.
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Postby pjt62 on Thu Jan 08, 2009 19:05 pm

Can anyone please give me either an email address or telephone number for this company as we were silly enough to pay 499 euros for a fortnights holiday and have no way of contacting the company

many thanks
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Postby vincesma99 on Fri Jan 09, 2009 20:16 pm

have an e-mail address for you [email address removed]. only paid 400 euros deposit for our membership at christmas,the deals sounded to good to b true
so we took a chance and paid it.trying to get info on this company but cant seem to find any,is this company a ripe of or what can any one help with some info
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Postby Fred 2 on Sat Jan 10, 2009 01:00 am

Given that bleeker, scorpio and leo above are all duds, that it is not possible to find Voyager in Google or Spanish Yellow Pages and that there is no web-site (that I can find) it is probably safe to assume that this operation has done what the others under the same management did.

If you paid by credit card I would be inclined to claim against it on the grounds that they have taken your money and run off with it. The CC company will try to make contact with whoever they paid the money to, so either they won't be able to find them (and will repay you) or will be able to find them - and tell you where they are (or say they are).
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