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Postby arianne on Tue Jan 10, 2006 15:45 pm

much the same happened to us in gran canaria with sonnenland travel i think they were called ,have to say we got a lovely big english breakfast and luch by the pool but as we already had a times share at anfi del mar declined, i tell tem i am a lawyer it does work
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Postby N Spence on Wed May 10, 2006 13:50 pm

Just thought I would let you know about my parents experience with this company. In 2003 they signed up for a 3 year membership costing �2000. While on holiday in Cyprus. I tried to talk them into cancelling this on their return, however the sales pitch they had been given had them convinced this wasn't a scam and they seemed quite happy with their purchase.

Roll forward a year when they tried to book there first two week holiday. They couldn't get Cyprus which they love so they settled for Crete. At the sign up meeting they were told that RCI would guarantee cheap flights (even for N Ireland). When booking the holiday they were told that RCI don't help with flights on your first visit. Which resulted in them paying total of �600 for flights out of Dublin.... Which is the cost of a package holiday. However their accomodation was 5* and they had no complaints about the resort.

The following year they tried to book Cyprus, but again there was no availability (Lifetime members have first choice over holidays.). They settled for Corfu. RCI did give them flight prices, but it was cheaper to book them through our local travel agent. With flights costing �500.

This year they phoned back in Sept 05 to reserve a place in Cypress. After waiting until Jan 06 there was still no availablity. So they were advised to book elsewhere for fear of not being able to get anywhere. They got accomodation in Spain. With RCI getting cheap flights. However on arrival they have now found it is not RCI accomodation. There are no RCI reps and as my mum described its "Package" holiday accomodation. They don't even have a kettle. There are "stuck" there with two other couples (who have lifetime memberships). With a number for RCI in the UK to phone. Who have said they will move them 3.5 hours away. But can't guarantee that their transfer costs will be paid. This would also move them 4.5hours away from their departing Airport. Thay have been advised to write a letter of complaint when they return.

I don't know how other people have got on with this company. But as you can see my mum has had a dreadful time. I'm glad I never signed up..
N Spence
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Postby DAYJAY on Thu Jul 05, 2007 09:56 am

Hi Mike my self and my partner when over to Rhodes and got caught in the same scam though we got two bottles of cheap champagne forced down our throats and mixed with the sun we did the silly thing of signing up and when on the next day we came to our senses they would not let us back out of the contract stating it was legally binding and that they would set their legal team on us this ruined our holiday and upon getting back to the U.K. I did a little searching on the net and found out that as members of the OTE they have to abide by their rules but be warned if you sign up for the three year one they dont have to give a cooling off period and as such we had a battle on our hands with constant threats of legal action being thrown at us eventually the OTE GOT BACK TO US AND INFORMED US THEY DIDNT HAVE TO GIVE THE COOLING OFF PERIOD BUT AS CLUB GREECE WHERE ONE OF THEIR MEMBERS THEY WOULD GIVE A 15 DAY COOLING OFF PERIOD once we got this email from them we forwarded this on to club greece and have heard nothing back since.

We found it really stressful and this nearly split us up having to go through all this.

I think others should be warned of this company as they don't give you a minute to think things through.
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Postby consult the dog on Thu Jul 05, 2007 13:17 pm

Hello fellow Timeshare victims
My In-laws have fallen foul of what I believe to be a Timeshare Scam at the Nostos Select Holiday Village Club* in Skiathos.
On June 10th 2007 they were subjected to four and a half hours of presentation, viewing and form filling. When my father-in-law's credit card was 'not accepted' by their card reader, he was escorted to his apartment to collect his debit card, then returned to the Resort.

They were constantly told this was not a 'Timeshare Scheme' however, The Organisation for Timeshare in Europe (OTE) which regulates this company clearly indicates *NSHVC is a timeshare scheme. My In-Laws are pensioners in their late sixties and are not in the best of health. This company has �3000 (pounds) of their limited savings which they can ill afford to loose. Both are severely distressed. They realised they had made an error, but were told NO cancellation 'cooling off period' was available.
I have found information on the OTE and other websites, which clearly shows this company is in contravention and violation of EU directives and the OTE's Ethical and Code of Conduct regulations. But I need your further assistance in the process of claiming a full refund.

Has anyone experienced or know of Reports, Reviews or Articles on the internet concerning problems with this company, and its holiday vacation club scheme? Many thanks, Marts.
consult the dog
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Postby Fred 2 on Thu Jul 05, 2007 14:03 pm

If Nostos is unconnected with RCI (and perhaps anyway) possibly this should be a new thread. It does seem to be opening up something new.
Fred 2
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Postby consult the dog on Thu Jul 05, 2007 15:37 pm

Consult the dog replies:
Nostos is affiliated to RCI. Nostos Select Vacation Club uses a Holiday Points system which is operated by RCI.
Also check http://www.timesharestaff.com/main.htm
You will find that some of the companies featured on this Homepage are the subject of afforementioned complaints.
Nostos were constantly telling my In-Laws that their scheme was NOT Timeshare. Why in that case are they advertising with a company called 'Timeshare Staff The Industrys Online Recruitment Solution'.
Click on the featured employers logos:
They have online application forms for new recruits.
ALL Timeshare companies are regulated by EU directive 94/47/EC.
Nostos ignores my emails and changes its story to suit itself.
Hence I'm taking my complaint to a BBC (Three Counties) Radio Station.
consult the dog
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Postby Fred 2 on Thu Jul 05, 2007 16:30 pm

OTE does not exist primarily to "regulate". It is a trade association, although it does have rules and a "Code" but enforcement of the Code is entirely up to them. It has also tried to shut down a website on which OTE members were criticised. The full text of the Code can be found here
and you will be able to get advice from the timeshare.org.uk site.

To be covered by the Timeshare Directive the "product" must be "purchase of the right to use one or more immovable properties on a timeshare basis" in periods of not less than a week, over a period of not less than three years.

Your local Trading Standards will examine the contract and tell you if the product is covered.

The Consumer Protection body in Greece is:
European Consumer Centre of Greece.
C/o Hellenic Ministry of Development
Plateia Kanigos
GR - 101 81 Athens

Tel: 30 210 384 7253
Fax: 30 210 384 7106

Email: [email address removed]
Website: (new window) www.efpolis.gr

and this will accept queries direct from those outside Greece in respect of traders operating in Greece.
Fred 2
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Postby ttony1976 on Tue Aug 14, 2007 14:06 pm

Hello All

I have just returned from crete, (today infact) and i have had the same experiance as you all mention, my girlfriend won the star prize, which was a sterio/ cd player, However we did sign up to the holiday as we thought it was a very good deal !!! I have not yet given the company anymoney and have a bill for �2000 with a �500 deposit to be paid by the end of Aug, Is there anyone out there than can tell me this is a good deal and not some kind of scam. If this is a scam how can i get out of this, As you all say this is legally binding doccument.
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Postby Fred 2 on Tue Aug 14, 2007 15:42 pm

RCI are members of OTE � Organisation for Timeshare in Europe.
OTE Code of ethics is at
www.ote-info.com/index.php?option=com_c ... &Itemid=30

this includes
�OTE Members must offer to the consumer a minimum 15-day cooling off period.�

Presume you are inside the 15 days. Write immediately by special delivery (if to UK address, Group RCI, Landmark House
Hammersmith Bridge Rd, London, W6 9EJ) or international signed for if to abroad (or both) and cancel. If your contract says that you cannot, quote the above from the OTE code.
Fred 2
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Postby ttony1976 on Tue Aug 14, 2007 16:24 pm

Thank you
Yes i am well within the 15 days, we only signed on saturday. I am also expecting a phone call from them tomorrow to ensure everything is fine. And to see if i will still be making the deposit on the 24th aug.
I will write a letter to them, I think i have to send this to the crete office. Would this be best to send to the kettering office aswell ??
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