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Postby southafrica on Fri Feb 15, 2008 19:48 pm

I have a 3 year Explorer membership with Sunterra. This was taken out in March 2006. The first year did not incur a management fee but last year I paid �365 in fees. At the end of 2007 Diamond Resorts took over Sunterra. The management fee for this year has risen to �485. Since I joined Sunterra I have taken only two weeks holiday using only a few of my yearly allocation of points. It is very unlikly that I will take any of their holidays this year, at the end of which my my 3 year membership ceases. I have not yet paid this years management fee and do not wish to do so. Could you please tell me if they have any legal hold on me to pay this. I note from a Managerment reminder fee letter sent last year that Sunterra wrote 'Please be advised that failure to pay your fees could result in the Manegment Company recovering your debt through a debt recovery agency and could result in legal action being taken against you'. Again could you let me know if I have a legal responsibility. The other aspect of this is that I had no say in Diamond Resorts taking over Sunterra and my original agreement was with them not Diamond resorts.
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Postby Fred 2 on Fri Feb 15, 2008 21:39 pm

I do not believe that the 'takeover' - technically I think a 'merger' - has any bearing on any obligation which you may have. Your obligation will or should be set out in your original contract and what you have been told is very probably correct. There is an extensive Diamond/ Sunterra section in Timesharetalk and you will probably get a definitive answer from there.

Please be aware that, should you decide to sell your points, these can only be sold to an existing member. They cannot be sold through a reseller.
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Postby kingdobe on Fri Feb 15, 2008 22:14 pm

Hi there Freds just about got it covered apart from you will either have to pay the fees or get the prospective buyer to pay them before they can be transferred.

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Postby maxcbs on Wed Jun 04, 2008 14:14 pm

Now that Diamond have applied an additional Levy due the the state of the Euro/Pound it is my understanding that they are willing to take back any points without obligation to pay any outstanding fees.

This is taken form the DRI wedsite - forums section, hope this helps!

Not withstanding these payment options Diamond Resorts Management, Ltd. recognizes that there may be Members who for various reasons, including retirement, illness, loss of income, etc., may find the extra cost of this supplemental billing to be a burden that they can no longer afford to absorb. Accordingly, the Management Company has agreed with Diamond Resorts (Europe) Ltd, that any Member who may wish to surrender his or her membership may do so at no cost to them, as would normally occur for unpaid management fees, and that Diamond Resorts (Europe) Ltd will assume responsibility for the outstanding and future management fees.

Should you choose to surrender your membership at no cost to you, simply inform Diamond Resorts Management, Ltd. by contacting them at [email address removed] or 0845 359 0007 or Owner Operations, Citrus House, Caton Road, Lancaster, LA1 3UA within the next 30 days. Upon receipt, your membership shall terminate and you will be released from all liabilities owed to Diamond Resorts Management Ltd. including outstanding and future management fees.
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Postby GriffithsBowen on Thu Jan 08, 2009 20:55 pm


Since Diamond Resorts took over, the Management Fees of risen sharply.

I cannot now afford the fees, do not intend using the facilities and want out. Am prepared to lose all my investment but Diamond Club are not prepared to allow this.

Even though I would lose everything they are still demanding Management Fees.

The worst thing I ever did was join up when it was JVC, then Sunterra and Now Diamond Resorts.
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Postby Fred 2 on Thu Jan 08, 2009 21:06 pm

"Exit strategies" are being discussed on Timesharetalk - you should perhaps follow this to see if there are any developments. There is also a 'classified' section which is read by existing members - the only people who can buy points ' secondhand'.

Please do not respond to anyone who calls - or to any press/ TV advertisement - saying that they can buy your points, or sell them for you. They can't.
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Postby quads4444 on Mon Jan 12, 2009 06:16 am

It amazes me that DRI would treat their members so poorly, forcing them to lose all their initial investment. Don't they understand that this word of mouth negative publicity will kill their business?

This is just an out and out SCAM.
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Postby loopylouxxxs on Mon Feb 02, 2009 22:40 pm

Is there anyone else fed up with the continuing increase of management fees with Sunterra/diamond resort. My partner has been trying to book a 2week holiday in Sept 2009 in Europe to find its all booked up apart from Santa Barbara in Tenerife which we have been too.. We wanted to sell to find we can only sell to Diamond who are giving peanuts for the points, we thought about just stopping paying the management fees but run the risk of being prosecuted, has anyone else been down this road, and been successful. What a big mistake we made buying these. :roll:
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Postby Fred 2 on Mon Feb 02, 2009 23:58 pm

MODS - There is an existing thread about this - could this post be moved onto it?

"Sunterra/Diamond Resorts management fees"
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Postby loopylouxxxs on Sat Feb 07, 2009 20:04 pm

Hi Willself
thanks for the reply we just looked on the diamond resort page, we are a bit new to this, which site are you talking about and how do we get on this particular site
Loopylouxxxs :roll:
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