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Postby harrietkay on Tue Jul 01, 2008 11:53 am

Hi There,
I arranged a holiday with QWERTY TRAVEL, I booked the holiday on the spur of the moment and when I saw the flight times was not impressed, the return journey being through the night, I complained but it was not possible to change the flight as they had booked it with Thomson, I then looked up the hotel feedback and was not impressed and asked that to be changed, which they did at an extra cost of �280 , the company will try to appease you if they can, at a cost of course!!, they advertised the original holiday as 5 star, which it may have been , however feedback on the hotel was not good, the alternative hotel was 1st class , the company is fine, just check flight times and look for feedback on hotels before booking as the company are giving you good value holidays, it is up to the consumer to check all travel times, so ask! before booking because once booked they cannot change these.
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Postby Andal on Tue Jul 08, 2008 15:39 pm

Hi, Four of us booked with Qwerty Travel we went on an all inclusive holiday to Sharm El Sheikh (Naqb Bay) in April this year (2008) the agent was very helpful, the hotel complex was as it is on the internet and the price was cheaper than a brochure. We all had a good holiday we were all satisfied.
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Postby dont use qwerty on Mon Jul 14, 2008 10:23 am

we found qwerty travel a absolute joke. the hotel we went to in turkey was terrible so we rang qwerty and they said they would arrange alternative acc. we were left there stranded without any contact for 3 days and then when i finally got through to them the manager was rude and unhelpful. my advice is to stear well clear of this mickey mouse firm!!!!!!!!
dont use qwerty
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Postby Jim B on Fri Aug 01, 2008 11:10 am

My family and I booked a holiday with Qwerty Travel and it was our best holiday to date. Family of 8, to Sharm el Sheikh. This was easily our best holiday, and we found the customer service from qwerty was excellend. I find the above reviews difficult to believe, based on my own experience with Qwerty Travel. The price was good and the service was excellent.

I will certainly be using Qwerty Travel to book our next Holiday.


Jim B
Jim B
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Postby TheDonSansone on Tue Aug 12, 2008 15:15 pm


Me and my partner booked through Qwerty Travel via a Teletext offer in Turkey.

Their pricing and telephone service was fine and polite.
They sent through all that we needed before the trip.

Note: As part of the paperwork was what they call "VOUCHERS" : Please keep these safe as these are actually needed as payment for things like transfers / Holiday Accommodation etc.

It seems that at Turkey at least - the Vouchers are the contract between Qwerty and the hotels etc to that Qwerty will pay the companies on receipt of the vouchers. - Which are really just letters of confirmation.

The only thing I wasnt happy with - was the Transfers.

If you book a package holiday - it is assumed that it is a PACKAGE... and includes such things as transfers to and from the Airport. We got to Bodrum Airport late on arrival and went outside for the transfer to the hotel.... The rabble which run the transfers to hotels whole thing are not the most organised, hence we were not on his list - but he took the papaerwork anyway and we got to our hotel.

Upon our return date, we actually confirmed with the hotel reception about our transfer back to the airport - to be told they come through by fax and not to worry !!! On the actual day of flight....no confirmation of transfer (We were out in the middle of nowhere at a lovely hotel in its own bay) so with the help of the hotel staff - had heated discussions with the Transfer services, as they had not got us down for being picked up.... asked us to quote our voucher number over the phone - which we had unfortunately already given the voucher to the Transfer idiots at the Airport when we arrived into the country.... No Voucher - No return transfer !!!! So we ended up taking a private taxi to the airport ourselves at over 20 quid.

Other than that..... Qwerty seemed to provide everything we needed.
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Postby always_on_hold on Tue Aug 12, 2008 20:05 pm

if you want to book with a well managed company this is not the one for you after troubles with my booking i asked to speak to the manager she spoke to me like i was a complete idiot which is really cheap coming from someone who could even talk proper english
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Postby buxton jock on Wed Sep 17, 2008 14:30 pm

yes I have used them two or three times.

service uk is spot on. You get a taxi to collect you for the transfers as part of the deal.

never see the rep but a number to call is available should you need it

good prices so happy to use them again
Brian Kirby
buxton jock
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Postby DWP on Tue Sep 23, 2008 22:35 pm

Booked a holday with Querty Travel to Crete in May and price included taxi transfers from Heraklion to Rythymnon. On arrival there was no taxi so we rang the contact number given by Querty only to find that there was no answer. With the assistance of a local holiday rep who was not involved with Querty arranged for a taxi to our hotel and the driver provided a receipt. Next morning I phoned Quert to be told there was nothing they could do until we returned to the UK but to contact them on our return. We duly did this and were told to write in with details. Again we complied with their request sending a copy of our receipt but received no reply. When I phoned to ask why they had not reponded the staff were abrupt and there attitade quite alarming.
They did reply and acknowledge my letter and said they were investigating but to date I have heard nothing. It is almost impossible to reach the admin staff who are always very busy and on occasion the receiver is lifted and replaced. When they do answer there is never anyone who can do more than pass a message to the person who is dealing with the complaint who does not take telephone calls. If you book with Quert please be aware that they take no responsibility for anything and pay no compensation even if it is their fault.
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Postby Geoff57 on Tue May 05, 2009 10:17 am

I've just come back from Corfu (Aquis Gordios) having booked with Qwerty travel in january, the holiday was advertised on travelzoo for £279 each, when I contacted Qwerty I was told that all the night time flights had gone and that only daytime flights were left and it would be £309 each! I discovered numerous people on the holiday had been given exactly the same information but I didn't meet anybody who actually traveled on the alledged night time flight, indeed Easyjet (the contracted flight company) don't actually do night time flights to Corfu, to me this is mis-representation and clearly the advert with travelzoo was incorrect. I have tried contacting qwerty travel about this but so far with no response!
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Postby leisurelad on Tue May 05, 2009 18:50 pm

On Teletext, Qwerty i would say are one of the worst for their advertising prices, yes it is difficult to be completely up to date all the time but as we found out through Qwerty staff, alot of their holidays are advertised at nett rate or below nett meaning that they have to add on 20-30 pounds to make any kind of money on the holiday.
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