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Postby Sunseeker08 on Mon Jun 16, 2008 14:18 pm

Hi can anyone help me, please

i have found a great holiday on ulookubook.com part of the holiday discount centre, i have never booked with this company before and i would like to know what peoples experiences have been.

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Postby sunshine babe on Tue Jun 17, 2008 14:54 pm

my daughter friend and myself book through these, we had no problems, and found the website very cheap, just waiting for the prices to come through for next year and we are usuing them again.

with thanks sarah sam gemma, hope u have a nice time
sunshine babe
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Postby Malena on Sun Jun 22, 2008 13:08 pm

BE AWARE OF ULOOKUBOOK!!! also look on web for other names they are trading under.
They have debited my card but flight I was paying for was full. After I paid them money, and was thinking that my holiday is sorted out, they phoned again to ask me if it would be ok to change my departure airport, and pay them �60 extra per person!!!! I didn't agree, and asked for refund which they promised to do. I went away thinking they will give me refund as they were not able to provide what I asked for, so we immediately booked alternative arrangement with other holiday company, however ulookubook then suddenly found 2 seats on 'full flight', and phoned me 12 hours after to inform me of this!!! Twisting the story to suit them, sale assistants said that they never promised me a refund, pretending they told me to keep checking with them for flight availability. But actually when I asked them to put me on waiting list for that 'full flight' one member of staff said that was not possible for Thomas Cook flights.
We end up having 2 holidays for same days for same place, and when they had to do refund in the end, they still managed to steal almost 20% off the money I paid
I went to Thomas Cook and they have checked records, our names were never booked for the flights I was charged for over the phone. This is going now further to ABTA and Court.
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Postby fluffy rabbit on Wed Jul 02, 2008 14:13 pm

I have just returned from my portugal holiday I booked on ulookubook.com!
My holiday was fantastic everything went to plan I would certainly recommend this website!
fluffy rabbit
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Postby sweetpea39 on Tue Jul 15, 2008 18:36 pm

hi alwys go with these had had great times no problems u wont get a better deal would recomend to everyone angela
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Postby SNIPPER on Sat Aug 09, 2008 22:04 pm

has anyone been to eurodisney with this company?since booking,have had to make numerous phone calls,costing time and money,haven`t gone yet,allready cheesed off.help!snipper.
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Postby fudgecat on Mon Aug 18, 2008 18:46 pm

Hi im due to go on the 1st September to Gran Canaria got my flight tickets a week ago ive just got through to them it took 2 minutes on0870 050 7979 regarding accomodation and transfers as i havent received them and they told me they are due out on Wedensday but will send them out tommorrow i will let you knowwhen i receive them. I found these more easier to get hold of than Thomas Cook but i havent used these before i will keep you informed
Carol Smith
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Postby robbos on Tue Aug 19, 2008 11:12 am

Beware, do not book with this company! I cancelled my holiday after reading dreadful reviews regarding the accommodation, I was promised a refund on my deposit as we were travelling with Thomas Cook. .I rang the company several times, only to be told they would contact me. Eventually they denied that I had cancelled the holiday 2 months earlier and I had no proof of recorded delivery etc. I lost £350 and had to pay an extra £100 on a holiday costing £1700 - so be very careful! In future I will stick with reputable travel companies
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Postby Shiela1000 on Wed Aug 20, 2008 13:28 pm

I booked my holiday with Going Places last year and i too had to cancel as i lost my job and i also lost my deposit. Think this must be normal when cancelling a holiday.
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Postby Phil Bennett on Fri Aug 22, 2008 13:56 pm

Be very cautious of this lot. Tripple check every detail and insist on getting every promise they make in writing. Keep all documents and note times/dates of all phone calls and what was promised. Check with airlines, hotels and car-hire companies direct.

I booked flights, hotel and car with them on their offers of best prices etc and what I wanted. After full confirmations, it turned out that hadn't booked the hotel at all. After much phoning and offers of much inferior accommodation, eventually settled for slghtly inferior in different resort, rather than lose holiday.
Car story was similar - paid for mid-size but voucher was for smallest on offer. After much phoning thought this was all sorted, but at airport got charged extra. Will see if they offer a refund!

Not all negative - fight booking was OK, and when you phone you do get a human, and quite quickly.
Phil Bennett
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