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Postby nickdwelder on Tue May 08, 2012 21:10 pm

I have not long ago had a meeting with ITRA , and they asked for no money , its about claiming back for missold timeshare . I went along expecting to smell a rat and put them in their place , but they seem genuiune and its all no win no fee . I hope the group action against the timeshare companies is succesfull as ive been to many places where they try to sell you something after getting you there on false pretenses , but maybe the end is nigh .
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Postby Debbie Cross on Wed Jun 20, 2012 11:38 am

we went last year to a meeting about itra and claiming money back, we were there for over an hour and all seemed good. An action went ahead in the states and clients got some compensation, here in the uk it could take up to two years until they have enough people to go ahead with the action. while there, the company club class international asked had we thought of getting rid of our time share after listening to everything thought it was a good idea as the maintenace charges were going up and up and we were not using our timeshare. we paid them a small amount, nothing like i have heard from others in the thousands and they would take over our timeshare, after six months found out we were still the owners and they were just agents and they had all our paperwork, found out myself that they had folded and could not be contacted eventually tracked down our deeds to a company, who i must say helped, THEY were in the process of selling our timeshare it took over six months but eventually we were free, we were one of the very few lucky ones, so the money we paid cci was not such a loss as we would have had to pay that amount over the next couple of years in maintenace charges and the timeshare would have passed to our eldest. ITRA emailed me while ago and they are still going ahead.......will wait and see.
Debbie Cross
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Postby mrs-T on Sun Jul 08, 2012 16:57 pm

I have found an interesting piece of legal advice.
"To disclaim a benefit under a will or an entitlement under an intestacy is to refuse to accept it......the inheritance cannot be refused or accepted in part, it is all or nothing,....(This where the ITRA advice ends but note the comma as the advice continues)......although if more than one gift is made to the same beneficiary in a will(or inheritable under an intestacy) ONE GIFT MAY BE REFUSED OR ACCEPTED AND THE OTHERS ACCEPTED, REFUSED OR DISCLAIMED provided they are clearly seperate gifts."
If ITRA are lying, by omission, on such a basic part of their information package then what other parts of their brief can be trusted? The Timeshare is not a liability on heirs unless they actively take it over. This is obviously the same rule that Timeshare operators use to refuse to accept a Timeshare in a will but they are also the only people who can make a claim on the Timeshare if it has no owner.
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Postby Wotsni on Fri Jul 13, 2012 13:30 pm

Over the last week I received many calls from ITRA asking me to attend a meeting at Bristol. I tried asking for email information and can we communicate through the post. Reply was "No, you must attend the meeting". I made it clear I was not prepared to attend a meeting. The lady became rather curt and gave a whole load of reasons why I had to attend in person. I then put the phone down carefully and let the lady rant on while I made a cup of tea. On returning she was still going on. I finally hung up and simply added ITRA to my list of cold call companies that are not on my Christmas card list.
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Postby basherbread on Mon Jul 16, 2012 12:34 pm

I have just returned from abroad and read this thread to catch up on the word to far. I cannot believe that after some 900+ posts the Timeshare Owning public still haven't smelled the coffee about ITRA. In which case here is a catch up:-

Club Class
Leisure Alliance

If the same address and/or connected in any way then please realise that Club Class, Etoo and Cashback all come from the same stable - stay well clear.

Then Google:
Personal Travel Group
Incentive Leisure Group

These companies no longer exist but ran exactly the same operation as the companies still trading above and in later years even ran with ITRA using Cashback offers. Since being away from the UK I now understand the ex- European Sales Director of the above companies is now the UK Sales Director for ITRA. Is it Nescafe or Maxwell House your smelling?

As these clever chaps seem to have an answer for every negative (If your daft enough to go to a meeting at the offices of ITRA that is) then simply ask for concrete evidence that anyone has actually been prosecuted by a Timeshare Developer in the UK under BRITISH LAW in a British Court for walking away from a Timeshare ownership and/or stopped paying Maint fee's. Ask for the Court hearing case Number, Name of Client and fine/sentence they recieved? or Contact Harry Taylor at TATOC for advice. Then check the court info yourself to make sure.

Now Google:
St Frances Marketing - Exeter.

I now hear that Carol Small has put her Exeter managers into ITRA at Bristol and Chester so it's only a matter of time before Trading Standards smell the coffee if she is invloved.

Anything legit shouldn't involve this lot - or maybe it can? This Compensation Claim smoke screen to encourage people to dispose at a cost, when you can dispose anyway is surely going to clear very soon. Ask Tony Hetherington - Mail on Sunday - EFTAG?
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Postby Harold Yeo on Fri Sep 07, 2012 10:31 am

Hi all
I live in Singapore and my father received an email from ITRA. I google it and found this forum. So far it looks like not a good deal. My father has lost almost his money (he is coming to 65) and still believes he can claim back the money. I need some really good advise and I hope to hear from someone genuine.

The whole story started years ago and my parent were con to buy some timeshare stuff. I have no idea why my father did it despite he is someone who does not like to travel. Because of one purchase led to another and another. Then some "kind hearted soul" called my dad to ask if he wanted to dispose his time share. He needed to pay them some money to take it off his hand. He was con. Not long later another one called and did the same thing but instead asked him to buy some land in Phillippines and another a resort in Thailand. The unfortunate thing is that my dad is an extremely gullible person. Till today he has lost near two hundred thousand or more including some one hundred thousand from my mum. Since then the two of them have been quarreling almost every other day.

Recently there is this company called Goodwill Ettikan Pte Ltd that claims they can help to cancel all time share contracts from Asia Linx and many other companies that my father had con into buying. The company is located at Far East Shopping Centre in Orchard Road. They mentioned they can claim a REFUND of 500K from. Trust company located in UK called Escrow Trust Fund. I google the address given and the company did not appear to be where they claimed to be.

Can anyone advise if there is such a trust fund called Escrow Trust Fund and can really claim 500K from it???? Thanks for any reply!
Harold Yeo
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Postby gingertom on Mon Sep 10, 2012 09:41 am


Sorry to be the bearer of bad news-but those companies,even if they do exist are in it for their benefit and nobody elses.

Cant find Escrow Trust Fund via google and there are no domain registrations showing.

Please tread carefully!
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Postby basherbread on Mon Oct 15, 2012 08:59 am

"7 companies connected to itra closed."

How do ITRA escape and continue to trade? Its obvious now by the facts below that the same people running ITRA also ran the companies closed below and please take note the address of Sochalls Accountants on Whimpole Street was the Registered offices of Club Class Concierge. Perhaps Sochalls should be investigated or at least make a statement as they are responsible for transacting the Itra payments. Why are these things being missed?
Furthermore perhaps David Greene of Edwin Coe might qualify his companies involvement with these people as ITRA boast the backing of Edwin Coe to build credibility into the disposal pitch. Surely someone will check these things out.

Read yesterday Mail on Sunday - Tony Hetherington - Money.

Unless the authorities act many more will be duped.

Court ruling :-

As outlined on Friday's post: BIS Petition to Wind Up Seven Club Class Companies is Granted , we are pleased to provide the full statement posted today by The Insolvency Service.

The details of the seven companies wound up are as follows: UK - Club Class Concierge Ltd and Bridge View Consultants Ltd. Their registered office is 9 Wimpole Street, London, W1G 9SR. Seychelles – Club Class Concierge plc, Club Class International plc, Club Class Holdings Ltd, Club Class Corporation plc and Club Class plc. Their registered legal address, since registration, has been situated at 2Fl Allied Bldg, Annex Francis Rachel St Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles.

"Seven connected companies, which mis-sold membership of a concierge holiday scheme to the public while ostensibly conducting meetings to propose action against timeshare deals, have been wound up in the public interest by the High Court in London.

The order to wind up the companies, five of which were registered in Seychelles and two in the UK, followed an investigation by the Company Investigations team of the Insolvency Service in London.

The Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills petitioned to wind up all the companies, collectively known as Club Class, as they were all intimately involved in the marketing of the scheme in the UK.

One of the English companies, Bridge View Consultants Ltd sold the Club Class product to the public in the UK at meetings which were ostensibly arranged to address people who had been mis-sold timeshares.

At these meetings, timeshare owners were encouraged to sign up to a group action against the timeshare industry to be conducted by an organisation called International Timeshare Refund Action (ITRA).

The court heard that instead, the ITRA presentation became a Club Class presentation in which consumers were informed there was a “one-off” opportunity for them to irrevocably relinquish their timeshares in part-payment for the substantial cost of the Club Class membership, which ranged from around £7,000 to £15,000. Consumers were unaware in advance that this was the true purpose of the meeting.

During the meetings, some lasting up to six hours, consumers were put under immense pressure to exchange their timeshares, which they were told were essentially worthless, but could be set off against the cost of their holiday club membership.

Consumers were also told that their timeshare liabilities would continue in perpetuity and pass to their heirs. The principal inducement was that the Club Class group would arrange for the release of the consumer from these onerous liabilities by effecting transfer or other means. Cash-backs were also offered as another sales promotional tool.

In fact, consumers’ timeshares were simply returned to the resort owner and no real efforts were made to assume their liability. As a result, consumers continued to receive maintenance demands from the resort owners. A representative of the Seychelles companies , Dennis Gilson, , admitted in court that because of the onerous terms that had to be complied with to receive a cash payment, the cash-back offers were the equivalent of a spot-the-ball competition.

In making the winding-up orders, the Court found that in addition to the mis-selling and lack of commercial probity which generated a significant volume of complaints, there was a lack of transparency within the operations of the companies. The companies’ officers also failed to co-operate with the investigation.

Commenting on the case, David Hill an Investigation Supervisor with The Insolvency Service said:

“These companies were set up with the aim of duping consumers, who in some cases had already suffered from unfair timeshare deals, by using slick patter for what was in reality the selling of an illusion. There was nothing investors could gain from paying to these companies.

“This action shows that The Insolvency Service will investigate and close down companies set up to scam the public”"
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Postby Dawn99 on Sat Oct 20, 2012 07:54 am

I encountered the same situation too. A co named Goodwill Ettikan claimed that they can help to claim back almost $500k from UK's Escrow Trust Fund. Anyone knows what is that?
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Postby gingertom on Mon Oct 22, 2012 12:43 pm

I hand delivered a letter to my Bank,which is the same as Sochalls,asking why they would entertain such a customer-outlining their practices.

I never got a reply.
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