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Postby HW tenpin on Fri Mar 26, 2010 17:13 pm

Rest in peace Holiday Watchdogers.

As from next Wednesday I am off to pastures new, it is with great reluctance that I no longer want to be associated with HW.

The attitude of some of TA’s administration leaves us Mods frustrated, several posts in the moderator’s forum asking question have failed to get one response from the powers that be. This not only shows serious disrespect to loyal mods but to the members themselves, whom we ask these questions for.

I have enjoyed the five years on HW and in particular building up my beloved cruise forum. But along with most other forums this has been left to decline, in the main because of the extremely poor layout of the forums themselves. The writing was on the wall, after the poll showed very few like the new layout, yet regardless nothing much was done.

I really do hope that HW can regain the members lost, and once again be a great British Holiday site.

I thank you all for your contributions to my knowledge of cruising; I have enjoyed reading your posts. To the remaining Moderators it has been a privilege knowing you.

You can find me on holidayfox/cruisecritic.
Cruising is like 'Being in the Garden of Eating'


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HW tenpin
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Postby davvo on Sat Mar 27, 2010 22:33 pm

I don't blame you tenpin this site has died the death which is a shame.
I pop on to see if there's anything of interest but there never is now,lets hope the powers that be read this thread -- but i'm not holding my breath .

Best wishes Alan.
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Postby Rondetto on Sun Mar 28, 2010 12:35 pm

Best wishes for whatever you do in the future Tenpin. You've done a good job on here. It is a pity how they've let this decline. We had a very good crowd for a few years and it was an informative site for one and all.
Take care, I hope to see you around the net.
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Postby HW tenpin on Mon Mar 29, 2010 23:04 pm

Thanks Guys,

Take care now, may see you on other sites. maybe holidayfox using same name.
Cruising is like 'Being in the Garden of Eating'


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HW tenpin
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Postby Miss Ritchie on Tue Mar 30, 2010 19:03 pm

That is really sad to read. I first used this site two years ago when my husband finally persuaded me and the kids to take a cruise. I literally stumbled upon it and visited this site every day during the 6 month wait prior to the cruise, the tips I picked up along the way meant that as a family we could plan everything and had an idea of what to expect. Even hints on how to pack your case for limited creases to your gladrags!!

Although I admit, I haven't been an avid visitor to the site for about the past 9 months, it's clear that it's sadly gone downhill and doesn't seem to have the immediate response to queries it used to and a lot of the regulars I remember don't seem to be around apart from Tenpin. But then I read your leaving too!

I found this site absolutely fantastic and after my cruising experience I managed to convert 3 work colleagues into doing exactly the same thing, all of them signed into Holiday watchdog to pick up on the so many helpful, lovely people keen to ensure you have an enjoyable cruising experience.

I've said this on countless postings in the past Tenpin...., you are the font of all cruising knowlege!!

Hopefully our paths will cross on some other site as we are planning a second cruise next year!!

Take care.

Miss Ritchie
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Postby Mrs Johnson on Tue Mar 30, 2010 20:12 pm

So sorry to see you go, but I can see why. This forum used to be really lively with plenty going on, any question you had it was answered almost straightaway. Now its like a graveyard.

Good luck Tenpin wherever you go, I'll be looking out for you.

Mrs Johnson
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Postby carol bozward on Wed Mar 31, 2010 11:45 am

Hi tenpin,

I am very sorry, not to be able to see your truthful and very helpful, advice for all cruises... the recent information you gave was, put into Drafts and copied and taken with me on my cruise..on Sea Princess.

I have not used this site for a while, i was not happy with the new format, and don't think i really understood it..

So 'bon voyage' Tenpin... wish you all the best and many more 'happy cruises' and im sure we will be looking out for you.. in other places.

carol bozward
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Postby just_cruising on Wed Mar 31, 2010 14:04 pm

I joined years ago but only returned to these shores last month, and intend to start to cruise again

What a difference in this site from the original one, and what a shame to read that you Tenpin are about to leave. You gave us great advice about our first cruise, your knowledge of cruise ships and who to book with made our cruise special.
Although I have never been one to really frequent forums, I have come in occasionally and your information has always been first class. I am sure you will be sadly missed by all those seeking help.
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Postby manc_steve on Fri Apr 02, 2010 14:41 pm

I to used to like this forum and have noticed the decline in posts, It also used to have a busy chat room but not anymore. It is a real shame as there are not many independant forums left, the ones that are lively seem to govern what you can and can't say and if it doesnt fit in with there marketing stratergy then the post will be locked or deleted.

If anyone wants to join ************ it is a new forum that is trying to get off the ground I moderate it but it is quiet at the moment, i would love it to grow as it has a great admin team, and as long as your are polite to other members you can chat about what you want holiday related or there is a forum for general chat. It is also very easy to use, with some great features like makeing your own opinion polls.

Please join and get posting.


**Note From HW John - Sorry steve, ive had to delete the website url**
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Postby davvo on Fri Apr 02, 2010 20:21 pm

Deleted by HW John, nor you matey! :p

As much as i wish i could let it stay, I still have to uphold the rules, however ill probably see you all over there from time to time now im registered
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